Get the best of the public and private cloud with hybrid cloud hosting.

Hybrid cloud hosting is the solution for organizations that want the benefits of public cloud computing without relinquishing the control and security of private cloud and on-premise infrastructure.

While the public cloud offers significant benefits in scalability, efficiency and cost savings, most companies will not be moving 100% of data and infrastructure to the cloud anytime soon. For some, security and compliance concerns dictate that certain things must be kept in secure, dedicated environments. For others, certain workloads or applications simply perform better on physical infrastructure. And for many companies, writing off significant long-term investments in hardware and software is simply too costly.

Hybrid cloud hosting provides a happy medium. By combining cloud services with physical, dedicated infrastructure, hybrid cloud hosting delivers the best of both worlds and provides more flexibility as enterprises evolve their IT infrastructure to meet new opportunities and business requirements.

When choosing a hybrid cloud hosting provider, many of the world’s leading companies turn to the hybrid cloud and managed cloud solutions offered by Navisite.

Hybrid cloud hosting with Navisite.

Navisite is a leading provider of cloud services and hybrid cloud hosting, as well as managed hosting and managed application services.

Hybrid cloud hosting enables organizations to enjoy the performance, stability and reliability of physical infrastructure as well as the rapid deployment, scalability and consumption-based billing of cloud services. With Navisite’s hybrid cloud hosting, enterprises can leverage new technology for cost-efficient and effective computing solutions, while still gaining value from and taking advantage of costly legacy investments.

Hybrid cloud hosting from Navisite lets clients connect to existing physical or virtual environments using API connectors from VMware. Clients can mix and match infrastructures, choosing from public and private cloud options as well as on-premise, hosted and co-located infrastructure. With hybrid cloud hosting from Navisite, IT administrators can choose the strategy that best fits current demands of the business while also achieving flexibility to manage change in the future.

Navisite’s hybrid cloud hosting options.

Navisite provides two options for hybrid cloud hosting.

Navisite’s Self-Service Cloud Services provide a comprehensive infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) platform to support simple, fast application building and scaling, along with access to VMware APIs and the VMware developer community

Navisite’s Managed Cloud Services leverage VMware’s hypervisor and are ideal for enterprises that want to move existing applications to the cloud -- legacy applications with predetermined network demands which require infrequent changes.

Both solutions enable enterprises to take advantage of the speed and flexibility of the cloud without sacrificing the performance and control of traditional infrastructure.

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