Customize cloud computing with hybrid cloud services.

Hybrid cloud services are simplifying the move to the cloud for many organizations. It seems inevitable that the future of computing is in the cloud — the benefits of cost, agility, scalability and efficiency are simply undeniable. But few enterprises are willing or able to move to a 100% cloud architecture. While cloud computing typically offers world-class security, many organizations, nevertheless, still have security concerns. Licensing can be an issue, as many commercial applications are not licensed for the cloud model. Organizations are unlikely to walk away completely from existing on-premise investments, and physical data centres may still offer superior performance, in some cases.

That means that, for the time being, most organizations will opt for a hybrid cloud, using a combination of on-premise infrastructure, private cloud, and public cloud solutions. To simplify deployment and management of infrastructure, organizations need innovative and reliable hybrid cloud services. That’s where Navisite can help.

Hybrid cloud services from Navisite

Navisite is a leading provider of services for managed hosting, managed applications and cloud computing for enterprises seeking to lower operational and capital costs by outsourcing IT infrastructure.

Hybrid cloud services from Navisite enable clients to connect to existing physical or virtual environments using VMware API connectors. Clients may also access and integrate with other Navisite managed services to solve the challenges of even the most complex application and business requirements. Our clients can mix and match public and private cloud, hybrid cloud hosting, co-located and on-premise physical infrastructure, and access their applications using public Internet, secure VPN or private connections.

A full range of hybrid cloud services

Our Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions provide superior hybrid cloud services that enable organizations to take advantage of the speed and flexibility of the cloud without sacrificing functionality. Our offerings include:

  • Self-Service Cloud services that leverage VMware vCloud Director® to provide a versatile self-service IaaS platform that is ideal for cloud-based production applications.
  • Managed Cloud services that enable enterprises to move existing applications to the cloud. As a fully managed IaaS platform, our managed cloud solutions are designed to support applications with predetermined network demands which require infrequent changes.
  • Cloud Onboarding and Migration services that help to ease the transition to a cloud environment by providing hybrid cloud services experts to help simplify and speed the process.

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