IaaS for software companies enables rapid growth.

For the growing number of Independent software vendors (ISVs) choosing Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions to support rapid growth, Navisite offers leading solutions in IaaS for software companies that can help to reduce costs, simplify operations and manage growth more easily.

For ISVs, matching infrastructure to demand can be incredibly challenging. There are huge capital costs involved with financing, building, staffing and securing an on-premise data centre. And even after the initial buildout, large fluctuations or rapid growth can be difficult to accommodate, as scaling on-premise hardware takes a lot of time and resources away from other more strategic priorities. Overestimating IT requirements ties up valuable resources in underutilized equipment, while underestimating IT capacity can lead to service delays, outages and missed business opportunities.

Navisite’s IaaS for software companies solve these challenges by providing flexible and highly scalable IaaS services with a pay-as-you-go pricing model. Available through a self-service portal or administered by cloud IaaS experts, Navisite’s IaaS for software companies lets ISVs better match scalable resource capacity with demand and mitigate upfront capital expenditures.

Navisite provides leading IaaS for software companies

As a leading provider of managed hosting, managed applications and cloud services for global enterprises, Navisite offers powerful Infrastructure-as-a-Service cloud computing services that can solve the infrastructure needs of growing software companies.

Navisite operates a network of data centres across two continents that include multiple SSAE-18 standardized centres. Redundant, off-site Navisite Service Centres provide 24x7 monitoring and support to ensure uptime and optimal site performance, while multiple levels of physical security offer the highest standards of protection for data centre infrastructure.

Navisite offers IaaS for software companies as a self-service or fully managed platform.

  • Navisite’s Self-Service Cloud provides IaaS for software companies who need a platform for building and scaling applications quickly, providing clients with access to VMware APIs and the VMware developer community.
  • Navisite’s Managed Cloud provides IaaS for software companies seeking to move existing applications to the cloud and is best suited for applications that are deployed and left primarily unchanged.

Benefits of Navisite’s IaaS for software companies.

As a cloud infrastructure provider, Navisite provides IaaS for software companies that want to:

  • Manage growth and adapt quickly to fluid IT requirements.
  • Simplify IT operations with a robust infrastructure but without the risk and complexity of an in-house data centre.
  • Maximize utilization of resources to prevent paying for idle software and hardware.
  • Enable rapid deployments and eliminate long in-house development cycles, allowing software companies to move more quickly from staging to production.

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