IaaS services let you simplify and scale IT more easily.

Faced with tighter budgets and fewer employees, many IT departments are turning to Infrastructure as a Service cloud computing services, or IaaS services, to meet the growing challenges of a rapidly evolving IT landscape.

The traditional data centre, while critical to day-to-day operations, has become increasingly difficult to manage and to scale easily. Underestimating capacity can lead to delays and downtime, while overestimating can tie up valuable IT resources in excess infrastructure. And even when on-premise technology is perfectly matched with demand, the time and resources required to maintain and secure the traditional data centre can easily overwhelm an IT organization.

In contrast, IaaS services from a cloud infrastructure provider enable IT departments to efficiently outsource much of the resource-intensive tasks of maintaining a data centre while also providing extraordinary scalability and on-demand infrastructure. For IaaS services that are built on enterprise-class infrastructure and cost-effective application performance, consider the services available from Navisite.

IaaS services from Navisite

Navisite is a leading international provider of enterprise-class managed applications, managed hosting and cloud services. Our Infrastructure as a Service offerings, delivered through an international footprint of state-of-the-art data centres, enable enterprises to outsource IT infrastructure and to lower operational and capital costs.

Navisite IaaS offerings are available in two delivery models.

  • As a managed cloud provider, we offer fully-managed IaaS services for organizations seeking to move existing applications to the cloud with minimal architecture changes, and who want an architecture that will aid in networking or security and regulatory compliance.
  • Navisite Self-Service Cloud provides IaaS services for organizations seeking a flexible and customizable IaaS experience and a cost-effective solution from a proven provider.

Both offerings deliver secure, dependable virtualized IT Infrastructure as a Service, including servers, storage, memory and bandwidth as well as optional add-on professional and ancillary services.

Benefits of Navisite’s IaaS services

IaaS services from Navisite offer significant benefits over traditional on-premise infrastructure:

  • Efficient resource utilization – Navisite IaaS services enable you to purchase and use only what you need and eliminate the hidden costs of underutilization.
  • Faster deployment – Navisite lets you eliminate long procurement cycles to ensure deployments move quickly to live production.
  • Simpler IT management – with IaaS services, you can streamline management by offloading the complex tasks of managing an in-house data centre.
  • Predictable spending levels – Navisite enables you to more easily predict your costs for IT infrastructure.
  • Guaranteed service levels — our IaaS services are backed by industry-leading service level guarantees for performance, 99.999% availability, and response and resolution.

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