NaviCloud DaaS 30-day Free Trial

The always-on availability of information and resources made possible by the Cloud is fundamentally changing business standards and overall potential. Corporate employees are not just looking for the ability to work from anywhere, but, increasingly, they’re expecting it. As a result, IT departments are being pushed to provide secure access and consistent work experiences for employees across the organization, regardless of device and location.

With NaviCloud® DaaS, Navisite delivers the flexibility and benefits of cloud computing and desktop virtualization directly to corporate end-users with its Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solutions. Navisite’s DaaS solutions offer IT the ability to provide an easily deployable alternative to the traditional corporate desktop environment by providing an enterprise-class virtual desktop experience in the Cloud that can be accessed via any web-connected device from virtually any location.

Seize the opportunity to sample Navisite’s NaviCloud® DaaS Desktop-as-a-Service solution free for 14 days and begin visualizing a strategy for secure desktop and application delivery, via the Cloud, without the up-front CapEx of traditional VDI.

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