Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions simplify IT provisioning.

For enterprises seeking a better way to match IT infrastructure with business demand, Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provides a highly cost-effective solution.

Rapidly changing business needs and the quickly evolving IT landscape have created a complex challenge for IT teams charged with building, managing and upgrading IT infrastructure. Overestimating the need for infrastructure can tie up IT budgets in needless excess, while underestimating capacity can lead to delays, downtime and lost business opportunities.

Infrastructure-as-a-Service solves this challenge by enabling organizations to match infrastructure requirements with on-demand IaaS services, including servers, memory, storage and bandwidth. An Infrastructure-as-a-Service approach enables enterprises to adapt quickly to IT requirements brought on by business growth, mergers and acquisitions, dynamic industry standards, application development and testing, and other variables in the demand for computing resources.

Infrastructure-as-a-Service with Navisite.

As a leading provider of managed hosting, managed applications and other cloud services, Navisite provides Infrastructure as a Service cloud computing solutions that deliver on-demand, scalable, usage-billed infrastructure services from virtualized resource pools. By helping organizations more accurately match IT resources with demand, Navisite’s Infrastructure-as-a-Service offerings help mitigate capital and operational costs while minimizing administrative and management burden on shrinking IT staffs.

Navisite provides two delivery models for Infrastructure-as-a-Service to match diverse business needs.

  • Managed Cloud Services provide an ideal solution for organizations seeking to move existing applications to the cloud with minimal architecture changes. Managed Cloud Services support methodical lead times for the development and testing of pre-built applications that can be deployed and left mostly unchanged.
  • Self-Service Cloud Services provide a comprehensive Infrastructure-as-a-Service platform to support simple, fast application building and scaling. Leveraging VMware vCloud Director®, Self-Service Cloud Services provide access to VMware APIs and the VMware developer community and are optimized for rapid rollout and dynamic enhancement for cloud-based business models.

Benefits of Navisite’s Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions.

With Navisite’s cloud IaaS offerings, enterprises can:

  • Reduce costs. Infrastructure-as-a-Service features a billing model that is linked to the provisioning process, avoiding the hefty costs associated with in-house data centres. Navisite’s services also require a much smaller investment compared to traditional in-house infrastructure hosting alternatives.
  • Accelerate deployment. Infrastructure-as-a-Service eliminates long procurement cycles to ensure deployments move quickly from staging to live production.
  • Simplify operations. As a managed service provider, Navisite eliminates the complexity of managing an in-house data centre.
  • Ensure business continuity. Navisite solutions are backed by 24 X7 monitoring support, built-in disaster recovery, and industry-leading service level guarantees for performance, availability, and response and resolution.

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