Infrastructure Service Solutions

Infrastructure service solutions simplify management of IT environments.

As business and technology environments continue to evolve with greater speed, more organizations today are turning to cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offerings to better manage changing infrastructure requirements. These infrastructure service solutions enable enterprises to move applications, websites and other networked services to a secure infrastructure in the cloud.

By providing servers, storage, memory and bandwidth on demand, infrastructure service solutions enable IT teams to rapidly scale to meet new demand. Rather than tying up critical IT dollars in excess equipment that is used only during peak capacity, organizations can rely on infrastructure service solutions to better match IT resources with demand while mitigating capital and operational costs.

Among IaaS providers, Navisite sets the standard for enterprise-class infrastructure service solutions, offering cost-effective services that enable organizations to focus on strategic business and growth objectives rather than worrying about compute infrastructure.

Infrastructure service solutions from Navisite.

Navisite is a leading provider of secure cloud service offerings, managed hosting and managed application services.

Navisite’s infrastructure service solutions provide secure, dependable virtualized Infrastructure-as-a-Service, enabling organizations to trust aspects of IT maintenance and support to Navisite experts and reduce the pressure on IT teams without sacrificing rapid response times or reliability.

With Navisite infrastructure service solutions, organizations can:

  • Enjoy tailored solutions for complex environments.
  • Predict spending more easily and consistently.
  • Secure guaranteed service levels for infrastructure performance.
  • Gain greater business agility with the ability to access infrastructure on demand.
  • Improve operational efficiency by offloading routine maintenance and monitoring to Navisite experts.
  • Increase cost efficiency by paying only for the infrastructure needed at any given time.

Two delivery models for infrastructure service solutions.

Navisite offers infrastructure service solutions in two delivery models.

  • Navisite Self-Service Cloud Services are designed for organizations that need versatile IaaS that is best-suited to cloud-based production applications. These infrastructure service solutions provide a comprehensive platform for simple, fast application building and scaling.
  • Navisite Managed Cloud Services offer an ideal cloud solution for applications with predetermined network demands. These infrastructure service solutions are the optimal choice for moving legacy applications to the cloud.

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