Managed Application Services

Improve performance with managed application services.

As enterprise applications play an increasingly important role in business operations, many enterprises are turning to managed application services to help improve performance, simplify management and reduce costs.

Enterprises today rely more than ever on business-critical applications and ERP systems to keep pace with client demands and market opportunities. Yet managing and maintaining these systems can consume a disproportionate amount of IT budgets and staff time. Managed application services enable enterprises to outsource routine management and maintenance to application experts, improving application performance while allowing IT teams to focus on more strategic priorities.

Navisite provides application services that enable enterprises to simplify, streamline and secure applications across the organization. Navisite’s managed application services provide complete end-to-end functional and technical support of mission-critical applications. With managed application hosting services from Navisite, businesses can save time, money and manpower by outsourcing resource-intensive processes such as installation, daily management, enterprise roll-out, and updates, patching and fixing.

Managed application services from Navisite.

Navisite is a leading provider of cloud services, managed hosting services and managed applications for enterprises worldwide. Navisite’s managed application services include:

  • Managed Oracle Suite, providing reliable secure application hosting services for Oracle’s entire application portfolio.
  • Managed Office 365 Productivity Suite, delivering the benefits of increased mobility, enhanced productivity and real-time collaboration along with dedicated support for managed apps and efficient onboarding services.
  • Managed Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint and Lync, providing managed application and hosting messaging solutions for enterprises leveraging these Microsoft collaboration solutions.
  • Managed Microsoft Dynamics, providing relief for IT teams tasked with administration, management and maintenance of these critical applications.
  • Managed IBM Notes & Domino, providing managed application services, monitoring and maintenance to realize peak performance levels, reduce costs and eliminate capital expense.
  • Custom Application Development and Management, providing one-time or recurring guidance and solution implementation to support everything from package customization and integration to client-developed solutions.
  • Enterprise Mobility Management, offering a full range of mobility management capabilities and controls to support a mobile workforce.

Benefits of Navisite’s managed application services.

With managed application services from Navisite, enterprises can:

  • Streamline the onboarding process, closing the gap between project initiation and live production operations while achieving critical benchmarks are achieved along the way.
  • Mitigate the risks of managing applications through a compliance-driven approach.
  • Enjoy guaranteed service levels for performance, continuous application availability, response and resolution.
  • Rely on built-in disaster recovery and business continuity with a state-of-the-art operation centre and a highly resilient service delivery infrastructure that spans multiple data centres.

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