Simplify IT infrastructure with managed cloud.

Managed cloud and hybrid cloud solutions are increasingly attractive to enterprises seeking to manage IT infrastructure more easily. Scaling and configuring IT infrastructure to meet rapidly changing business demands has become remarkably expensive and complex. Many IT teams have difficulty predicting compute and storage requirements for the coming week, let alone the next 12 months or three years. Underestimating the need can lead to system delays and downtime while overestimating can tie up valuable IT resources in excess equipment. With tighter budgets and over-taxed employees, many IT administrators are realizing that maintaining on-premise infrastructure is no longer viable and are turning to managed cloud solutions for Infrastructure-as-a-Service.

Managed cloud provides on-demand infrastructure — servers, storage, memory, bandwidth — that can be easily customized to address the security, availability, flexibility and performance needs of the enterprise. Managed cloud services are billed on a pay-is-you-go model, enabling IT teams to purchase and use only what is needed. And with a managed cloud provider, organizations can quickly adapt to changing business requirements while relieving pressure on IT staffs by outsourcing aspects of IT maintenance and support to experts.

A managed cloud with Navisite.

Navisite is a leading international cloud services provider, offering managed applications and managed hosting services enterprises rely on to reduce costs and simplify IT operations.

Navisite’s managed cloud solutions enable organizations to provision on-demand, highly scalable, usage-billed cloud infrastructure services from virtualized resource pools. Built on the NaviCloud® Platform, Navisite’s managed cloud offerings provide enterprise-class infrastructure and cost-effective application performance, enabling organizations to better match IT resources with demand.

Navisite’s managed cloud services are an ideal solution for organizations that want to move existing applications to the cloud. Leveraging VMware’s hypervisor, Navisite’s managed cloud services provide organizations with a standardized, virtualized enterprise-class infrastructure for the cost-effective delivery of managed applications and services.

Advantages of Navisite’s managed cloud solution.

As a managed service provider, Navisite provides managed cloud services that enable organizations to:

  • Reduce capital costs with a pay-as-you-go pricing model.
  • Reduce operating costs by outsourcing data centre services.
  • Support legacy applications with fully managed support of operating systems.
  • Improve networking and security compliance with tried-and-true architecture.
  • Maximize application configuration with flexible network architectures.

Learn more about a managed cloud solution from Navisite, and about Navisite’s self-service cloud and hybrid cloud hosting offerings.