Simplify IT with managed cloud solutions.

When managing an on-premise data centre and traditional IT infrastructure becomes too costly and time-consuming, managed cloud solutions can help organizations simplify the complexity of IT infrastructure and reduce the cost of IT management.

Managing IT infrastructure has never been more difficult. Technology is rapidly evolving and requires constant management of new deployments as well as upgrades and maintenance of existing equipment. A fast-changing business landscape makes it difficult to predict compute and storage requirements for the next week let alone the next year. And with constrained IT budgets and shrinking IT staffs, organizations need a way to accomplish more with fewer resources.

By providing on-demand infrastructure, a managed cloud solution enables organizations to scale easily and adapt to meet rapidly changing business requirements. Managed cloud solutions offer pay-as-you-go pricing, minimizing upfront capital costs. And by trusting aspects of IT maintenance and support to a managed cloud provider, organizations can relieve the pressure on IT staff without sacrificing reliability or rapid response times.

When choosing managed cloud solutions, more enterprise organizations around the world today are turning to managed services cloud computing offerings from Navisite.

Managed cloud solutions from Navisite.

Navisite is a leading provider of managed hosting, managed applications and cloud services that help to simplify enterprise management of IT infrastructure.

As a managed service provider, Navisite offers managed cloud solutions that provide a fully-managed Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform, enabling IT teams to provision on-demand, scalable, usage-billed infrastructure services from virtualized resource pools. With Navisite, enterprises get a highly scalable and flexible cloud computing solution that can be customized to address security, availability and performance needs. Managed cloud solutions from Navisite are the perfect choice for moving legacy applications to the cloud with minimal architecture changes and for production applications requiring focused management expertise.

Benefits of Navisite’s managed cloud solutions.

With managed cloud solutions from Navisite, enterprises can:

  • Lower the total cost of ownership. With a billing model based on usage, Navisite’s managed cloud lets enterprises avoid the significant costs of in-house data centres and eliminate the hidden costs of IT resource under-utilization by purchasing and using only what is needed.
  • Simplify IT operations. Navisite’s fully managed cloud solutions eliminate the complexity of managing an in-house data centre by providing an enterprise-class, cloud-enabled IT environment.
  • Accelerate deployment. Navisite helps accelerate time to value by eliminating long term procurement cycles and allowing deployments to move quickly from staging to production.
  • Guaranteed service levels and business continuity. Navisite’s managed cloud is backed by industry-leading service level guarantees and supported by 24x7 monitoring and built-in disaster recovery.

Learn more about managed cloud solutions from Navisite, and about Navisite’s self-service and hybrid cloud hosting solutions.