Managed Colocation Services

Simplify data centre management with managed colocation services.

As IT environments and data centres become increasingly complex, more organizations are turning to managed colocation services to alleviate the burden of maintaining on-premise data centres.

Keeping the data centre up and running smoothly is critical to day-to-day operations and long-term business success. In a 24/7 business environment, enterprises require data centre solutions that provide constant access to data, applications and infrastructure. But as IT environments continue to evolve rapidly, IT teams faced with shrinking budgets and smaller staffs find the challenge of managing data centres around the clock to be overwhelming and financially straining.

Managed colocation services offer a highly effective and cost-efficient alternative to on-premise data centres. A colocation site provides cost efficiencies by spreading the significant expense of security and operations among multiple clients. And with a managed colocation services vendor providing the expertise and person-hours to manage and maintain data centre operations, IT teams can spend less time worrying about infrastructure and more time focusing on business goals.

For organizations seeking superior managed colocation services, Navisite offers enterprise-class hosting services for enterprises spanning diverse business verticals.

Managed colocation services from Navisite.

As one of the world’s leading cloud computing companies for managed applications, managed hosting and cloud services, Navisite provides enterprises around the world with a wide variety of cloud service options.

Navisite managed colocation services are delivered by multiple data centres on two continents, providing dependable environments to house business-critical infrastructure, applications, websites and other networked services. All Navisite data centres provide state-of-the-art physical security, redundant power, high-bandwidth and reliable connectivity.

Navisite managed colocation services are monitored 24x7 by redundant Navisite Service Centres located miles from the physical data centre. Visibility into events and performance data is provided through an online management portal, enabling clients to quickly and easily monitor their installation.

Navisite’s comprehensive managed colocation services.

Navisite managed colocation services include:

  • 19-inch or 23-inch locking cabinets or private colocation suites (at select locations).
  • Uninterrupted power supply systems with backup provided by battery and on-site diesel generators.
  • Roof space rights at select locations to support point-to-point microwave links and antenna systems.
  • State-of-the-art security and disaster recovery features.
  • A flexible, dependable network with high-speed interconnectivity among data centre locations.
  • A range of enhanced, scalable security and power options.
  • Guaranteed uptime and high performance standards for local and international traffic.
  • Flexible pricing options and contract durations.

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