Managed Hosting

Streamline IT costs and workload with a managed hosting provider.

Managed hosting of infrastructure and applications can help you dramatically reduce operational costs and capital investment while streamlining the tasks involved in managing IT infrastructure.

Taking advantage of innovative hybrid cloud computing strategies, managed hosting eliminates the need to deploy infrastructure and lets you offload many of the tasks of maintaining and upgrading an IT data centre so your IT team can focus on more strategic priorities.

As a premier managed hosting provider, Navisite offers a rich portfolio of enterprise-class managed infrastructure and application hosting solutions to help you optimize the performance of mission-critical infrastructure and give you flexibility to meet current business needs as well as future demands.

Managed hosting with Navisite

As a managed hosting provider, Navisite offers fully managed IT infrastructure and applications in highly secure cloud-enabled or traditional physical hosted environments. Our enterprise-class infrastructure and expert managed hosting services  let your IT team focus on the experience of your end-users and spend less time upgrading, configuring and managing hardware, middleware and applications.

Our managed hosting services include:

  • Colocation
  • Managed Server
  • Managed Database
  • Managed Security
  • Managed Storage
  • Managed Network
  • Managed Application and Middleware Server
  • Managed Web Server

Our managed hosting services offer:

  • Several secure data centres that operate under the highest industry standards for data integrity and security.
  • Dependable, scalable physical server and VM management solutions that let you choose from virtual servers, dedicated servers or a hybrid approach.
  • Proactive equipment and application monitoring 24/7/365, with proactive security scans, on-site technical resources and one of the strongest service level agreements in the industry.
  • Technical support provided by a knowledgeable and responsive staff of experts who act as your capable partner.
  • End-to-end storage management with flexible and resilient storage solutions that help to store, maintain, protect and recover information easily and cost-effectively.
  • Managed backup services to help protect against data loss and ensure data integrity.
  • Comprehensive managed firewall services to enhance enterprise infrastructure security.

Benefits of Navisite’s managed hosting services

With managed hosting from Navisite, you can:

  • Lower IT costs by minimizing capital investments and power consumption along with the cost of heating, cooling and space.
  • Improve application performance by responding more quickly to demands for increased scalability and reliability.
  • Maintain control over resources, bandwidth and hardware while eliminating the headaches of routine management, maintenance, upgrades and troubleshooting.
  • Improve efficiency by focusing on strategic issues that move your organization forward instead of IT staffing and infrastructure.
  • Provide a more consistent experience with a Managed Load Balancing Service that eliminates outages and lag in the user experience.

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