Managed Server Hosting

Improve performance with managed server hosting.

As today’s enterprises seek new and smarter ways to optimize mission-critical servers, more IT departments are turning to third party data centre solutions like managed server hosting to improve performance and reduce costs.

Managed server hosting lowers the cost of monitoring and maintaining servers by reducing the costs for heating, cooling and power consumption as your equipment is now in a 3rd party owned, secure data centre. And managed server hosting enables IT teams to work more efficiently, eliminating routine tasks associated with server maintenance and allowing IT personnel to focus on strategic issues that help the business achieve its goals.

When seeking a superior managed server hosting provider, leading enterprises around the world turn to managed cloud and hosting and services from Navisite.

Managed server hosting with Navisite.

Navisite is a leading managed cloud and hosting service provider, delivering solutions for managed applications, managed hosting, and cloud and data centre services to enterprises in a wide variety of industries.

Navisite’s reliable, scalable managed server hosting solutions include physical server and VM management solutions that can help servers run at peak performance. Managed server hosting with Navisite provides experts to maintain servers and enterprise-class data centres throughout the U.S. and U.K.

Regardless of the complexity or sprawl of a server implementation, Navisite’s team of experts can simplify the entire server lifecycle, helping to enhance availability and reduce overall costs. Navisite’s managed server hosting supports leading operation systems on a broad range of hardware platforms to provide enhance flexibility.

Navisite managed server hosting includes support for:

  • Virtual servers, which offer enterprises greater transparency in alignment and revenue versus technology investment.
  • Dedicated servers, including servers for complex applications and databases, sensitive information, high-traffic online presence, or audit and regulatory concerns.
  • A hybrid approach that enables organizations to get the most out of their IT environments by combining physical and cloud virtual server resources.

Benefits of Navisite’s managed server hosting.

Managed server hosting from Navisite includes:

  • Increased security with servers hosted in a designated Navisite SSAE-18 standardized data centre.
  • Direct access to redundant, high-speed conductivity.
  • 24/7 monitoring of operating system and hardware.
  • Redundant power feeds.
  • Technical support for incident management, system administration and change management.
  • Provisioning, monitoring and management of network infrastructure.

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