Optimize IT infrastructure with managed services cloud computing solutions

Managed Services Cloud Computing

Managed services cloud computing solutions are helping today’s IT teams to optimise and streamline management of mission-critical IT infrastructure.

With managed services cloud computing, organisations can outsource routine maintenance, upgrades, configurations and management of IT infrastructure, enabling IT teams to focus on more strategic priorities. Providing fully managed IT infrastructure and applications in highly secure traditional or cloud-enabled environments, managed services cloud computing providers let IT professionals rapidly provision on-demand hardware, middleware and application support to meet fluctuating IT requirements.

When seeking superior managed services cloud computing solutions, enterprises around the world look to Navisite.

Managed services cloud computing from Navisite.

Navisite is a leading provider of managed hosting, managed applications, and cloud and hybrid cloud services, enabling organisations worldwide to manage IT infrastructure more effectively, improve enterprise information management, reduce the burden on IT staffs and implement mobility management solutions.

As a premier provider of managed services cloud computing offerings, Navisite provides a full range of hosting services as well as a team of experts to help IT teams simplify management of IT infrastructure. Managed services cloud computing options from Navisite include:

  • Colocation services that offer dependable, enterprise-class hosting for organisations in diverse business verticals, providing dependable environments to house business-critical applications, digital assets and other network services.
  • Managed Application and Middleware Server services that include implementation, configuration, monitoring, maintenance, upgrades and patches for application/middleware servers hosted within Navisite data centres.
  • Managed Database services that cover implementation, administration, support, maintenance, optimisation and disaster recovery.
  • Managed Network services with disaster recovery and data protection solutions to minimise downtime and a team of IT experts to oversee managed networks, enabling in-house IT teams to focus on critical objectives.
  • Managed Security services that include network intrusion detection and prevention, real-time log flow analysis, web application security, and vulnerability assessments, with 24/7/365 monitoring and management.
  • Managed Server services that offer reliable, scalable physical server and VM management solutions that help to keep servers running at peak performance.
  • Managed Storage services offering flexible, resilient storage solutions to help store, protect and recover information more effectively.
  • Managed Web Server services for implementation, configuration, maintenance, monitoring upgrades and patches of Web servers hosted within Navisite data centres.

Benefits of Navisite’s managed services cloud computing offerings.

With managed services cloud computing from Navisite, IT departments can:

  • Work more efficiently, focusing on strategic issues to move the business forward rather than on tasks related to staffing and IT infrastructure maintenance.
  • Scale IT infrastructure easily to meet demand while maintaining application performance and reliability.
  • Lower IT costs by reducing or eliminating capital investments and reducing costs of power consumption, heating, cooling and real estate.
  • Retain control over resources, hardware and bandwidth while outsourcing routine tasks and problem-solving to Navisite’s team of experts.
  • Work, more readily, toward compliance and operational standards of excellence.

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