Microsoft Exchange Email Hosting

Simplify messaging with Microsoft Exchange email hosting services.

As organizations look for ways to improve the effectiveness of communication while reducing the cost of managing messaging systems, more IT teams are turning to Microsoft Exchange email hosting solutions to help cut costs while improving security, resiliency and functionality.

With Microsoft Exchange email hosting solutions, IT teams can offload the important but routine tasks of managing, monitoring and maintaining messaging systems, freeing IT personnel to focus on more strategic aspects of IT management. Microsoft Exchange email hosting also helps reduce costs by limiting and potentially avoiding the upfront capital expenses of an on-premises deployment. A hosted solution also lets organizations better match IT resources with business need, avoiding the obsolescence of legacy systems that can’t be easily jettisoned or adapted.

For organizations seeking a superior Microsoft Exchange email hosting solution, Navisite offers industry-leading managed applications services for enterprises in a wide variety of industries around the world.

Microsoft Exchange email hosting services from Navisite

In addition to managed application services, Navisite is a leading provider of cloud services and managed hosting services, enabling enterprises worldwide to outsource IT infrastructure and offload the management of business-critical IT resources. Navisite utilizes the latest technologies to build, implement and manage some of the most complex IT environments, helping organizations meet today’s business needs while adapting to meet the requirements of business tomorrow.

Navisite’s managed services for Microsoft Exchange email hosting as well as SharePoint and Lync environments allow organizations to leverage a predictable, OpEx-based cost structure for efficient management and maintenance of messaging and collaboration resources. With a team of application experts continually applying updates, patches, service releases and upgrades, organizations can provide users with the full functionality of the latest versions of messaging and collaboration software along with advanced security and resiliency capabilities.

In addition to Microsoft Exchange email hosting, Navisite provides managed services for Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft CRM hosting and Microsoft Dynamics hosting.

Benefits of Navisite’s Microsoft Exchange email hosting

With Microsoft Exchange email hosting services from Navisite, organizations can:

  • Leverage the cloud for unprecedented performance. Navisite’s Microsoft Exchange email hosting services are delivered from Tier 3 data centres, enabling organizations to benefit from anywhere, anytime access to critical resources.
  • Safeguard technology assets with built in disaster recovery and business continuity. Navisite provides premier BCDR schema and a highly resilient service delivery infrastructure that spans multiple data centres to reduce the risk of downtime.
  • Budget for messaging services more effectively. With a pay-per-seat pricing model, Navisite provides a more predictable way to budget for management of messaging services.

Learn more about Microsoft Exchange email hosting from Navisite, as well as Navisite solutions for Microsoft Office 365 migration service, and hosted Microsoft Dynamics.