Microsoft Office 365

Managed services for Microsoft Office 365 help simplify application management.

Microsoft Office 365 offers tangible benefits for organizations seeking to improve productivity and provide users with the tools they need to accomplish daily tasks and produce business-critical deliverables. Yet maintaining the integrity of Microsoft Office 365 applications can be challenging and time-consuming, drawing IT personnel away from other projects with more strategic value.

To ensure that Microsoft Office 365 continues to operate efficiently, smoothly and securely, many organizations are turning to managed application services from cloud hosting and IaaS providers. With superior application services, IT teams can offload the routine tasks of maintaining, monitoring and updating Microsoft Office 365 applications in order to spend more time on activities that can move the business forward in significant ways.

For IT teams choosing managed services for Microsoft Office 365, Navisite provides industry-leading application management options that can deliver the security, efficiency and cost-savings organizations need to remain competitive.

Navisite’s managed services for Microsoft Office 365

Navisite is a leading international provider of managed hosting, managed applications and cloud services for mid-sized to enterprise-class businesses around the world.

Navisite’s managed services for Microsoft Office 365 provide a familiar set of office applications via the cloud that enable users to productively communicate, collaborate and innovate, while freeing IT teams from the time-consuming task of daily management of these IT resources.

Navisite’s Microsoft Office 365 services are supported by a team of responsive, highly available technology experts who provide technical and administrative support and manage, maintain and update applications seamlessly to ensure users always have the latest tools at their fingertips.

Navisite’s offering include services for Microsoft CRM hosting, Microsoft Dynamics hosting and Microsoft Exchange email hosting in addition to managing Microsoft Office 365.

Benefits of Navisite managing your Microsoft Office 365

Navisite services for Microsoft Office 365 enable organizations to:

  • Simplify migration with Navisite’s Microsoft Office 365 migration service, providing fully managed onboarding and migration of client data from sources that include Exchange 2003+, Domino, IMAP, POP3, Gmail, Groupwize and more.
  • Keep Microsoft Office 365 operating smoothly with ongoing Navisite administrative support, providing experts to readily address application-level problems.
  • Accelerate response to resolve issues more quickly and with shorter lead times than those quoted by Microsoft.
  • Gain unprecedented insight into the health of a Microsoft Office 365 environment, with live alerts of outages, malfunctions and other event triggers delivered directly to critical IT staff.

Learn more about Navisite’s services for Microsoft Office 365, as well as services for hosted Microsoft Dynamics and other applications.