Mobile Device Management Solutions

Mobile device management solutions improve enterprise mobility.

Mobile device management solutions have become business-critical assets as the enterprise workforce becomes increasingly mobile and diverse. To stay competitive, enterprises require mobile device management solutions that provide employees with fast and seamless access to corporate resources and tools from any location on any device. Mobile device management solutions must also address the very real security and compliance concerns brought on by the proliferation of mobile devices and the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend.

Navisite offers enterprise mobility solutions that provide businesses with a comprehensive, fully managed set of tools to address mobile device management requirements and collaboration needs while enabling greater security, policy-based compliance, improved performance and greater mobile access.

Mobile device management solutions from Navisite.

Navisite is a leading provider of managed hosting, managed applications and cloud services for enterprises seeking to reduce operational and capital expenses by outsourcing IT services and infrastructure.

Navisite mobile device management solutions help companies manage the challenge of securing data on personal devices. Using best-in-class technologies from AirWatch by VMware®, Navisite’s mobile device manager enables IT teams to proactively direct and shape enterprise mobility rather than simply tolerate the need for mobile device management.

With mobile device management solutions from Navisite, enterprises can:

  • Support mobile workforce and BYOD initiatives while minimizing the burden on IT staff.
  • Improve management with centralized device settings, user profiles and security controls.
  • Make better decisions about enterprise mobile initiatives with clear visibility and insight into mobile operations.
  • Scale mobile operations quickly and easily to meet demand.
  • Reduce costs with an OpEx pricing model.
  • Use advanced mobile security solutions to structure and enforce standards for compliance and security policies.
  • Provision and decommission users without needing physical access to endpoint devices.

Comprehensive mobile device management solutions.

Navisite mobile device management solutions provide a complete set of tools for improving enterprise mobility, including solutions for:

  • Mobile Device Management, offering the ability to control access to enterprise assets, to encrypt sensitive data and to enforce security and compliance standards.
  • Mobile Application Management, enabling IT administrators to distribute, track, update, and secure enterprise applications to endpoint devices over the air.
  • Mobile Content Management, offering an easier and more secure method for sharing, syncing and editing content.
  • Device Containerization and Workspaces that make it easy to separate corporate and personal data on end-user devices.
  • A Software Development Kit that simplifies development of secure enterprise applications for dissemination to end-user devices.

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