Mobile Device Manager

Support the mobile workforce with a mobile device manager.

For organizations seeking to improve enterprise mobility, a superior mobile device manager can simplify the task of providing secure access to enterprise resources for an increasingly mobile workforce.

As more employees require access to enterprise data and productivity tools from remote locations and a variety of mobile devices, the right mobile device manager can help to solve security and compliance challenges while improving the speed and performance of mobile access. A mobile device manager can also dramatically simplify the task of mobile device management for IT teams already dealing with smaller budgets and shrinking staffs.

For enterprises seeking a leading mobile device manager, Navisite provides enterprise mobility solutions that offer comprehensive tools to address mobility and collaboration needs while also improving and addressing security, compliance and performance standards.

Navisite’s mobile device manager.

Navisite is a leading provider of managed hosting, managed applications and cloud services. Navisite’s mobile device manager solution helps enterprises manage the challenge of securing data on a variety of personal devices in the workplace environment where Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is fast becoming the standard. Leveraging best-in-class technologies from AirWatch by VMware, Navisite gives IT teams the tools to manage, control and direct enterprise mobile operations rather than simply tolerate this inevitable trend.

With Navisite’s mobile device management solutions, IT teams can:

  • Manage mobility more easily and efficiently with centralized security controls, device settings, and user profiles.
  • Easily provision or decommission users without needing access to endpoint devices.
  • Support BYOD initiatives and enterprise mobility while simplifying IT management.
  • Structure and enforce policy and compliance standards with powerful mobile security solutions.
  • Manage the mobile workforce more effectively with deep insight into mobile operations.
  • Scale mobility resources more easily.
  • Reduce costs and avoid upfront investment with an OpEx pricing structure.

A comprehensive mobile device manager.

Navisite’s mobile device manager solution provides all the resources IT teams require to manage enterprise mobility more effectively. Navisite offers solutions for:

  • Mobile Device Management, with tools to enforce compliance and security standards, control access, encrypt sensitive data, and more.
  • Containerization and Workspaces for creating a controllable separation of enterprise and personal data on end-user devices.
  • Mobile Content Management, delivering an easier and more secure way to share, sync, and edit content.
  • Mobile Application Management, enabling IT administrators to distribute, track, update, and secure critical applications over-the-air on user devices.
  • A Software Development Kit that accelerates the development of secure enterprise applications for dissemination to end-user devices, using app wrapping, testing, user authentication, geo-fencing, branding, and more.

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