Mobile Security Solutions

Enable the mobile workforce with mobile security solutions.

An increasingly mobile workforce and the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend have created strong demand for improved mobile security solutions among today’s enterprises. To ensure productivity, organizations must provide employees with unhindered access to essential tools for productivity and communications while also ensuring the security of enterprise data and networks. The right mobile security solutions and mobile device management solutions help strike a balance between accommodating seamless remote access and controlling business assets -- even on employees’ personal devices. Superior mobile security solutions provide a structure for enforcing policy-based compliance, ensuring asset security at the end-user level and allowing the organization to evolve to meet new requirements for the enterprise mobile workforce

For mobile security solutions that are the choice of leading enterprises worldwide, consider the enterprise mobility management solutions from Navisite.

Mobile security solutions from Navisite.

Navisite is an international leader in cloud services, managed services and manage applications for enterprises seeking to outsource business-critical IT infrastructure and processes.

Navisite mobile security solutions empower companies to control access to and usage of business-critical data across the range of mobile devices. Powered by AirWatch® by VMware®, mobile security solutions from Navisite provide hosted, managed and self-service resources to address enterprise mobility and collaboration needs without compromising security, compliance and performance standards.

With Navisite’s mobile security solutions, enterprises can:

  • Improve management of enterprise mobility with centralized security controls, device settings and user profiles.
  • Use a mobile device manager to quickly provision or decommission users without accessing endpoint devices.
  • Provide support for the mobile workforce without adding additional administrative burden to IT teams.
  • Structure and enforce policy compliance standards.
  • Scale mobile resources as needed.
  • Reduce costs with an OpEx pricing structure.
  • Gain deeper and clearer insight into mobile operations.

A complete set of mobile security solutions.

Navisite’s mobile security solutions include capabilities for:

  • Mobile Content Management, enabling users to easily share, sync, and edit enterprise- and user-generated content in a secure and streamlined way.
  • Mobile Application Management, allowing administrators to distribute, track, update, and secure critical applications on an array of end-user devices.
  • Mobile Device Management, providing tools to control access to enterprise assets, encrypt sensitive data, enforce compliance and security standards, and more.
  • Containerization and Workspaces, enabling organizations to create complete and controllable separation of corporate and personal data on end-user devices

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