Navisite in the News

As a key player in cloud computing and IT industries, Navisite frequently garners press attention when launching new products, beginning new partnerships or for its position as a thought-leader. Recent news articles in which Navisite is featured are included here. 

Harnessing Cloud-Based Desktop Virtualization Technologies

Jul 1, 2014   Source: SAP Blog

Navisite is a Time Warner Cable Company and premier provider of managed cloud services. Our woman holds a cloudcloud experts have helped dozens of companies implement DaaS and VDI solutions to secure company data, drive innovation and elevate the productivity of their workforce. 

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Cloud providers as cloud security providers

Mar 3, 2014   Source: Network World

The continuing evolution of cloud providers into cloud security providers was a notable topic at this year's RSA Conference.  Where it was once believed that security was impeding cloud adoption, the reality my be that cloud providers have turned this argument on its head by becoming cloud security providers.

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