Fashion GPS Selects Navisite Colocation Services to Support Global Fashion Business

Navisite, LLC announced today that it has been selected as the colocation provider for Fashion GPS, a leading digital solutions provider for sample inventory tracking and event management for the fashion industry. Navisite provides highly secure, resilient colocation facilities, enterprise-class hosting, managed application, managed messaging and managed cloud services, housed in Navisite’s high security data centres in the UK. The colocation services will allow Fashion GPS to move valuable client data to a secure hosting facility, offering Fashion GPS the ability to deliver a higher level of integration and faster response times for their clients.    

Since implementation, Fashion GPS clients have already reported on enhanced performance with their largest client, an international e-tailer, seeing up to 50 per cent improvement in processing speeds with data upload speeds increasing by over 80 per cent.  Fashion GPS works with the most prestigious fashion and luxury brands worldwide, providing an enterprise level Software-as-a-Service. Their solution facilitates internal and external communication through global sample and event management applications which bring companies and products closer to their marketplace. “It’s our goal to be the fashion industry’s most essential and trusted platform and we needed an equally trusted partner to help us get there,” said Eddie Mullon, Founder and CEO, Fashion GPS.

“During the fashion show season, it’s critical that our services are running at optimal speeds for our clients who need access to our system around the clock. Additional to 24 hour service 365 days a year, our clients can’t afford for any mishaps during their shows. For example, if a client needs to make a last minute change to the seating plan at a fashion show, they rely on our system to make this change as seamlessly as possible in real-time. Fashion GPS needed a data centre provider that understood this pressure, could mitigate risk and system outages and deliver consistent, robust and reliable service to meet the demands of our clients.”

Fashion GPS also required a data centre provider that could be trusted to manage applications and the privacy of client data within its infrastructure. “Within the world of fashion, prototype samples created by high-end designers are regularly circulated between Editors and fashion shoots. These prototypes are exclusive to these designers so when picking our provider, we needed to make sure that they understood the security concerns of our clients as well as the nature of their business,” said Mark Bryce, Global Sales Director, Fashion GPS. “We’ve already witnessed performance improvements that reaffirm our choice of data centre provider. Fashion GPS plans on establishing a fully redundant disaster recovery site at our UK data centre and we will continue working with Navisite for equipment and storage needs to ensure the company maintains its competitive edge and continues to deliver world class enterprise solutions,” said Mark Bryce, Global Sales Director, Fashion GPS. “Navisite is thrilled to be working with another big name in fashion and retail. The fashion sector is becoming increasingly reliant on technology for business processes and has much to gain from a robust, high quality, and secure data centre provider,” said Sean McAvan, Managing Director, Navisite, LLC. “Navisite has a strong technical team working in partnership with Fashion GPS to deliver the high levels of service which many luxury brands expect. We believe that our support, together with the quality, reliability and security of our systems, makes Navisite an ideal partner for fashion and retail clients who either prefer to manage their own hardware or seek to take advantage of the cloud.”    

About Navisite

Navisite, LLC, a part of Spectrum Enterprise, is a leading international provider of enterprise-class, cloud-enabled hosting, managed applications and services. Navisite provides a full suite of reliable and scalable managed services, including Application, Cloud Desktop, Cloud Infrastructure and Hosting services for organizations looking to outsource IT infrastructures to help lower their capital and operational costs. Enterprise clients depend on Navisite for customized solutions, delivered through an international footprint of state-of-the-art data centres. For more information about Navisite services, please visit or

About Fashion GPS

Since 2006, Fashion GPS has been designing digital solutions to connect the global fashion industry.   Their enterprise suite of products including; GPS Samples, GPS Events, GPS Radar and GPS Styles 2.0 support the world’s top brands, delivering innovative products that more efficiently power their businesses while creating platforms to bring together designers, editors, buyers and other key influencers in this perpetually evolving marketplace.  Currently, Fashion GPS services over 175 clients via its offices in New York, London and Paris.  For information on Fashion GPS and its enterprise solutions, visit