Navisite Advances AppCentre Cloud Management Portal

Navisite, LLC, a premier provider of enterprise-class hosting, managed application, managed messaging and managed cloud services, today announced enhancements to NaviCloud’s AppCentre cloud management portal that provide additional security, visibility and control for enterprise applications deployed on NaviCloud.

New features include:

  • Advanced Cloning Capabilities - AppCentre now provides more advanced, flexible cloning capabilities. Clients can choose default settings when cloning groups, subgroups, and individual virtual machines (VMs) or they can customize resource settings such as VM names, CPU/memory sizes, and networking information before the VMs are cloned. With the added flexibility, clients can create and tailor new test, training, development or production environments much more rapidly and efficiently, improving productivity and time to market.
  • User Interface Management Visibility - AppCentre now provides clients with the flexibility to map IT roles and processes to their cloud environment. Administrators can add and remove cloud users; define and manage cloud roles and responsibilities; define cloud membership by associating users with policies; and restrict certain users from seeing portions of the cloud user interface by applying visibility limits. Additionally, clients can also create workflows for approvals to recreate their internal IT and business controls within a cloud environment.
  • Resource Instrumentation - Though cloud-based infrastructure provides resource elasticity, there are times when high demand levels may create some resource contention or lead to unexpected costs. Resource instrumentation addresses these issues by enabling clients to efficiently manage VM usage at a very granular level, ensuring that higher-priority users and applications have access to critical resources.
  • Dedicated Account Log-Ins for Airlock Import Facility - NaviCloud now has the ability to load VMs that were created elsewhere through the Airlock interface. Dedicated logins allow for better access control, improved tracking of VMs, and better auditing for compliance purposes.
  • Support of additional SSL Certificates - In order to accommodate certificates from different certificate authorities (CAs) and those designed for use in different platforms, NaviCloud now supports both the PEM and PFX formats, eliminating the need to convert from one format to another.
  • SSL Management via SSL Screen - Managing SSL certificates can be a burdensome task for IT managers. For an e-commerce site, an expired certificate can drive away significant potential business. AppCentre’s SSL configuration screen provides clients with an easy-to-use management tool for creating, updating and deleting SSL certificates.

“These latest enhancements to AppCentre help clients accelerate the deployment and ease the management of their cloud environments,” said Denis Martin, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Navisite. “Our primary goal is to simplify the management of these increasingly complex IT environments.”

Security, visibility and control are integral to a successful enterprise cloud deployment, and Navisite works closely with clients to address these client requirements. These latest enhancements provide both more flexibility and stronger controls for building and managing complex IT environments.

About Navisite

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