Navisite Enables Secure File Sharing with NaviCloud Intelligent Storage Share

Navisite, LLC, a Time Warner Cable Company, is a premier provider of enterprise-class hosting, managed application, managed messaging and managed cloud services, today introduced NaviCloud® Intelligent Storage Share (NCIS Share) service. NCIS Share enables organizations to give their employees the ability to save and share large files in the cloud while allowing IT administrators to determine who can access what corporate data anywhere, at any time, using any device.

“No matter what trends occur within the computing industry, the only constant is the sheer amount of data that gets created as part of the normal course of business,” said Chris Patterson, vice president, product management, Navisite. “Coupled with the retention requirements from regulators and need for mobility, businesses are now forced to find ways to maintain more data than ever, both at the organization level as well as the individual employee level, in addition to increasing security over who can access the data. NCIS Share provides IT organizations with an easy, cost-effective and flexible solution that gives IT the control they need.”

“Cloud storage offers a tantalizing new option to implement an agile storage infrastructure, based on public cloud storage services and storage gateways,” said Gene Ruth, Analyst, Gartner Research, in the June 2012 report “Cloud Storage Gateways with Public Storage Services Support 'Outside the Data Centre Box' Thinking.”

NaviCloud Intelligent Storage Share is a highly scalable cloud storage platform that is powered by EMC Atmos and can be leveraged as part of manual or automated solutions, regardless of the storage solution an organization is currently using, to store large quantities of data that can be accessed from anywhere with Internet access. IT organizations have the ability to create secure object stores that are accessed through an SSL-connection by a variety of end clients including simple Windows-based agents to physical appliances that serve as targets for local backup utilities to vertical specific platforms for management of medical images. “EMC is pleased to power Navisite’s NaviCloud Intelligent Storage Share platform, giving users increased access and control of their data anytime, anywhere,” said Kate Canestrari, Product Marketing Director, EMC Advanced Storage Division.

“Atmos’ object-based architecture provides a multi-tenant, application agnostic and location independent platform that offers faster application development and global access to data. With the launch of NCIS Share, Navisite furthers its commitment to helping clients leverage the benefits of cloud while ensuring the highest standards of security and oversight.”

Features of NCIS Share include: Flexibility: NCIS Share is a file hosting service that enables cloud storage for organizations and can be used at the individual user level or at the corporate level. When IT administrators interface with NCIS Share, there is a single web portal for allocating users and storage; all other interaction occurs using end user devices to access the storage. This means it can be used without any other Navisite services or in conjunction with a larger solution.

Multiple storage nodes: The underlying NCIS architecture consists of multiple storage nodes located at Navisite data centres in Andover, MA, San Jose CA, and Woking, UK. Storage administrators are given the ability to choose how many locations will house their data and are then presented with a single URL for accessing the data. This architecture allows enterprises to designate how many sites in which to store the data to determine the proper balance between price and protection.

User Portal: The user portal enables storage administrators to provision credentials for accessing the data as well as creating users with similar abilities within the account. These ‘tokens’ can be managed within the portal in groups to determine which users can manage and provide reports around consumption.

About Navisite

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