Navisite Introduces Enterprise-Class Desktop-as-a-Service

Navisite, LLC, a premier provider of enterprise-class hosting, managed application, managed messaging and managed cloud services, today introduced an enterprise-class, cloud-based Desktop-as-a-Services (DaaS) offering that enables IT organizations to deliver virtual desktop services to local and remote users from the cloud with an increased level of security and management and the same functionality as traditional desktops.

Navisite’s DaaS offering, powered by the NaviCloud platform and Desktone, a desktop-as-a-service pioneer, provides IT departments the ability to add or remove desktops quickly and securely while avoiding the costs associated with frequent technology change. The new offering also enables organizations to scale based on the immediate needs of their business without being locked into a technology decision as their business evolves. This is ideal for enterprises entering a desktop/laptop refresh period, enterprises with branch offices, firms with large populations of mobile, remote and off-shore workers or seasonal and contract employees.

DaaS significantly reduces desktop capex and opex costs, centralizes and streamlines desktop deployment, and enables a workforce to be more mobile and efficient while increasing security and control necessary for an enterprise environment.

“DaaS takes the cost and complexity out of managing virtual desktops,” said Peter McKay, Chief Executive Officer, Desktone. “We’re extremely pleased that Navisite, such a prominent cloud infrastructure provider, chose Desktone to deliver cloud-hosted desktops.”

“Cloud is changing the way enterprises view the corporate desktop. DaaS leverages the scale, simplicity and economics of the NaviCloud to deploy desktops across the enterprise. Enterprises can now rapidly provision a secure virtual desktop for users that can be accessed on any device, anywhere without the upfront costs and complexity of traditional desktops while adhering to corporate security and compliance policies,” said Denis Martin, Executive Vice President and CTO at Navisite. “Additionally, most companies rarely have a disaster recovery plan for data maintained on traditional desktop solutions, but cloud-based DaaS offers centralized, built-in business continuity and disaster recovery for the desktop at no additional cost.”

NaviCloud DaaS enables enterprise organizations to:

  • Access their full desktop from anywhere
  • Maximize information security and data protection Install, manage, and control corporate applications in a centralized environment
  • Use existing corporate software licenses
  • Control costs with predictable per user pricing
  • Support “bring your own device” policies
  • Provide a built-in disaster recovery plan for cloud-based desktops

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