Simplify Oracle ERP management with Oracle hosting services.

When Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system maintenance becomes too challenging and time-consuming for internal IT teams, Oracle hosting services from Navisite can help.

Oracle ERP systems are a mission-critical tool for enterprise information management, but maintaining the integrity of Oracle systems requires near-constant attention. Frequent patches and updates must be implemented to ensure end-users have the latest software capabilities and that business units adhere to the most recent compliance standards. In some organizations, IT teams become full-time caretakers of ERP systems, sacrificing the opportunity to focus on more strategic priorities. In other enterprises, IT teams inadvertently neglect ERP system maintenance, leaving the organization vulnerable on several fronts.

Oracle hosting services from Navisite.

Navisite’s managed application services provide Oracle hosting services to deliver end-to-end support of Oracle applications. With Oracle hosting services, organizations can trust application management to Navisite’s application experts, minimizing the burden of maintenance on enterprise IT teams and enabling them to focus more time and resources on business innovation and growth objectives.

Navisite Oracle hosting services cover all aspects of routine ERP system maintenance, including patches, upgrades and installation of service packs. Navisite manages all aspects of the service delivery infrastructure, including networks, servers, operating systems, databases and interfaces to complementary applications. Navisite experts can also execute business process customizations, even within a client’s production-certified environment.

By relying on Navisite’s Oracle hosting services, organizations can:

  • Save time, money and manpower by outsourcing routine maintenance and resource-intensive IT processes to Navisite’s Oracle hosting services team.
  • Choose flexible hosting options, including physical environments or a blend of the two.
  • Improve performance of Oracle applications through regular application updates, vendor-release patches and service packs.
  • Enjoy industry-leading service level guarantees for performance, availability, response and resolution.
  • Increase resilience with built-in disaster recovery and business continuity, thanks to a state-of-the-art operations centre and a highly-resilient service delivery infrastructure spanning multiple data centre locations.

Oracle hosting services with a team of application experts.

Navisite’s team of client-focused client managers and technical client managers deliver world-class service and support for Oracle hosting services clients. Having executed hundreds of managed application services onboarding projects, Navisite’s IT professionals are experts at developing a comprehensive understanding of a client’s business requirements, goals and processes to provide effective end-to-end application management and help enable significant cost savings over other traditional application hosting alternatives.

In addition to Oracle hosting services, Navisite offers Microsoft hosted Exchange services and services for other mission-critical enterprise applications.

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