Oracle Sun Servers

The challenge of managing Oracle Sun servers

Managing Oracle Sun servers is becoming more challenging by the day as IT environments continue to grow in size and complexity. For IT teams faced with shrinking budgets and smaller staffs, the time-consuming task of monitoring, maintaining and updating rack upon rack of Oracle Sun servers can threaten to derail other more strategic priorities that can help the business innovate in important ways.

Managed server hosting offers a cost-effective solution. By hosting Oracle Sun servers within world-class data centres managed by a team of security experts, managed hosting providers can deliver a greater level of security than most on-premise solutions. And with a managed cloud service provider handling the routine tasks of maintenance and management for Oracle Sun servers, IT personnel can be freed up to handle other priorities.

Navisite’s managed hosting services for Oracle Sun servers

For organizations seeking superior managed hosting services for Oracle Sun servers, Navisite offers comprehensive Oracle cloud services solutions. Navisite is a leading international provider of managing hosting, managed applications and cloud services for enterprises worldwide. Navisite services help organizations lower capital and operational costs, improve performance, increase security and manage IT infrastructure more easily.

Navisite delivers managed hosting for Oracle Sun servers through multiple, enterprise-class data centres that span two continents. Navisite’s team of experts can provision, maintain and monitor physical hardware, operating systems and network connections, while also handling key maintenance such as security patches and upgrades.

Navisite services for Oracle Sun servers may also include:

  • Managed load balancing to provide a consistent, reliable user experience.
  • Complete firewall management to augment overall infrastructure security.
  • End-to-end storage management to help store, maintain, protect and recover data easily and cost-effectively.
  • Managed backup services, an optional add-on, to backup file systems, directories and files to tape media or a disk library.

Benefits of managing Oracle Sun servers with Navisite.

With Navisite’s managed hosting of Oracle Sun servers, organizations can count on:

  • Greater availability achieved through hosting in an enterprise-class data centre that is backed by SLAs guaranteeing up time.
  • Close control and visibility over server performance.
  • Expert monitoring 24/7/365 via redundant Navisite Service Centres.
  • Increased efficiency by offloading time-intensive but routine tasks to Navisite’s experts.
  • Enhanced flexibility with the ability to add additional Navisite solutions for cloud infrastructure, cloud desktops, application hosting and managed hosting for other servers, networks, databases, security and more.

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