Secure cloud computing requires world-class cloud infrastructure

As organizations move more data, applications and mission-critical processes to the cloud, the question of how to secure cloud assets becomes paramount. While the cloud provides remarkable benefits in cost savings, greater efficiency and improved scalability, cloud computing security is still a significant concern in the minds of many enterprise leaders. In many cases, a secure cloud deployment or cloud services provider can actually provide greater security than on-premise infrastructure, but choosing the right cloud security vendors and services is critical.

For many leading enterprises around the world seeking options for secure cloud deployments, Navisite is the cloud services vendor of choice.

Secure cloud services from Navisite.

Navisite is a leading international provider of managed hosting, managed applications and secure cloud services. Providing a full suite of reliable and scalable cloud offerings, Navisite delivers tailored solutions that enable enterprises to outsource IT infrastructure and reduce operational and up-front capital expense.

Navisite’s secure cloud services are delivered through an international footprint of state-of-the-art data centres and leverage the latest technologies to build, implement and manage mission-critical systems and applications. A highly experienced team of IT experts provides 24x7 support to help organizations optimize IT infrastructure for current business requirements and adapt quickly to meet future business needs.

Navisite secure cloud services include:

  • Application services that help address the challenges of application management support and provide complete end-to-end functional and technical support of mission-critical Microsoft and Oracle applications.
  • Cloud infrastructure services delivered through a self-service platform or as fully managed services to help enterprises take advantage of the flexibility and speed of the cloud without sacrificing functionality.
  • Managed hosting services that enable organisations to optimise mission-critical IT infrastructure performance with the ability to rapidly provision additional hardware, middleware and application support.
  • Cloud desktop services that provide secure access to a cloud-based virtual desktop instance from any device and any location, helping to improve Bring Your Own Device security.

Navisite’s managed secure cloud services.

In conjunction with Alert Logic, a leading provider of cloud security services, Navisite offers managed security solutions that can be implemented without up-front capital investment and that help to minimise the expense and burden of managing staff and data centre security. These enterprise-class services are fully monitored and managed 24x7 and can integrate seamlessly with Navisite’s hosted and cloud environments. Services include:

  • Network intrusion detection and prevention
  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Real-time log flow analysis
  • Log manager
  • Web application security

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