Security-as-a-Service cloud solutions simplify IT security.

As IT environments become more complex and the threats to enterprise security grow more sophisticated, many organizations are turning to cloud security vendors and Security-as-a-Service cloud solutions to simplify management of IT security.

Managing IT security can be a real challenge for IT departments facing shrinking budgets and smaller staffs. Keeping up with the latest threats and the technology to defend against them takes time and resources away from other more strategic priorities. And many IT departments lack the advanced skill sets required to design, build and manage truly effective IT security solutions and architectures.

With Security-as-a-Service cloud solutions, IT organizations can outsource many security tasks to experts and avoid the expense of continually purchasing, maintaining and updating security technology. For cloud security services that are the choice of enterprise organizations around the world, consider the Security-as-a-Service cloud solutions offered by Navisite.

Security-as-a-Service cloud solutions from Navisite.

Navisite is a leading provider of managed hosting, managed applications and secure cloud services for mid-sized and enterprise class companies around the world.

In conjunction with Alert Logic, Navisite provides simplified, dependable Security-as-a-Service cloud services that are fully monitored and managed 24x7 and that can be tailored to meet the unique security and compliance needs of each client.

Navisite Security-as-a-Service cloud solutions reduce the cost of managing IT security by eliminating capital investments and the unexpected burdens and expenses that come with managing staff and technology. A pay-as-you-go pricing model enables organizations to predict security costs more accurately. And Navisite Security-as-a-Service cloud services alleviate the burden on IT teams by offloading routine tasks and critical security jobs to an expert staff of cloud computing security professionals.

Navisite’s comprehensive Navisite Security-as-a-Service cloud services.

Security-as-a-Service cloud services from Navisite include:

  • Vulnerability assessments to scan internal and external networks for known vulnerabilities and provide step-by-step remediation instructions.
  • Network intrusion detection and prevention with network security controls deployed in any hosted or cloud environment to identify threats found in the network.
  • Web application security, providing critical web protection and cost-effective management as well as state-of-the-art firewall protection and blocking capabilities.
  • Real-time log flow analysis to boost real-time security monitoring and alert users of critical security issues in advance of or during a breach.
  • Log manager services that collect Windows event log, syslog and flat file logs, running multiple searches for forensic analysis and storing logs securely in redundant off-site data centres.

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