Managed Onboarding and Migration to Office 365

Transitioning critical office applications to the Cloud can be a complex process for an organization to undertake alone. For Managed Office 365 Productivity Suite clients, Navisite takes steps to understand complex use cases and to manage them with minimal burden on client IT teams. Navisite’s onboarding Services empower you to make the right choice when transitioning your data to the Cloud. Navisite’s team of experts manages this entire process, working to ensure that client data is safe and its digital integrity maintained.

Navisite has over 15 years of onboarding experience for organizations of various sizes, across the spectrum of industries, delivering expert service with attention to your unique business needs for schedule, resource availability requirements and compliance or audit standards. Navisite’s dedicated experts help to ease the burden of migration, setup, and ongoing support of essential Microsoft applications, and add the integration prowess necessary to augment organizations with cloud and managed solutions for security, mobility and compliance. 

Navisite structures onboarding programs to address the distinct and often complex needs of today’s modern organizations. Navisite has well-established, effective standards for both pure play cloud-only clients and for those with on-premise or Azure cloud Active Directory requirements. 

For more details on Navisite’s unique onboarding options, download the Technology Brief: Navisite Managed Onboarding for the Office 365 Productivity Suite

With unique needs for migration, Navisite works to accommodate the array of scheduling, cost, and technology requirements each client may have. Navisite has well-defined migration profiles, including simple cutover migration, simple co-existence migration, and hybrid co-existence migration. Each works to ensure the client’s needs are driving the activities, mitigating downtime or adverse effects to the organization.

For more details on Navisite’s unique migration options, download the Technology Brief: Navisite Managed Data Migrations for the Office 365 Productivity Suite


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