Managed NaviCloud® DaaS

For many organizations, DaaS is an attractive alternative to traditional on-site VDI; the hosted infrastructure shifts up-front CapEx to predictable OpEx, transitions responsibility for physical assets to a dedicated and specialized service provider, and establishes business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) options for data centre availability. Yet many overlook the persistent need for capable desktop engineers and desktop IT administrators, each tasked with critical components in the management and maintenance of virtualized environments. 

The intricacies to desktop virtualization are many and costly. To address this need, Navisite offers Managed Services for NaviCloud® DaaS. 

Guidance and Expertise to Enhance IT Teams’ Activities

Navisite’s Consulting and Implementation Services for NaviCloud DaaS place the intricate and time-consuming tasks into the hands of dedicated, expert professionals. These include:

  • Design – Golden image and network

  • Build – Container buildout, User Acceptance Testing and optimization

  • Migrate – Desktop provisioning and user data and settings transfer

The NaviCloud DaaS platform and its ongoing management services are delivered in a predictable OpEx model, eliminating up-front CapEx for infrastructure components or additional resources required to maintain them. 

For many organizations, Navisite’s managed services for cloud-based desktop virtualization can mean the difference between an efficient standard for workforce enablement or a lengthy cycle of configuration, maintenance and support.

A Powerful Solution for Managing the Key to Desktop Computing

A desktop is only as useful as the applications it houses and the technologies which power it. The foundation to every desktop is the Golden Image – the “template” for configuration. Engineering a reliable, effective desktop image can be challenging and time consuming, with consideration for performance, applications, security, compliance and provisioning. 

Navisite and its dedicated expert service partners can take on critical activities for desktop image creation and maintenance with regularly scheduled management.

An Expert Support Team for End-user and Admin Problem Resolution

With dedicated teams, 24x7 availability, and expert knowledge about DaaS and desktop management, Navisite and its partners can provide powerful Help Desk Support services which can alleviate the burden on your internal IT teams.

Help Desk Support for NaviCloud DaaS services both end-users and administrators, helping to keep the workforce productive and IT teams focusing on enhancing the desktop standard rather than simply maintaining it.

Tools and Teams for a Powerful virtual desktop ecosystem

Navisite offers an arsenal of tools and services to enhance the NaviCloud DaaS platform. These tools, working to augment security and digital integrity and to ease the burden on your IT resources, include:

  • Desktop Active Directory (AD) Servers

  • Desktop File Servers

  • Key Management Servers

  • Hypervisor-based Agentless Anti-Virus

  • Web Content Filtering

  • Patch Management

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