Managed Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS)

Navisite’s Managed DaaS securely delivers virtual desktops across the enterprise, with an eye on delivering a truly client-centric solution, letting you choose the levels of service that best suit your business needs.

Our latest iteration builds off of VMware’s powerful new Horizon 8.0 platform and combines that with industry-leading NVIDIA GPUs, to offer our clients a range of partially to fully-managed VDI, through to full Desktop-in-the-Cloud experience, by marrying Horizon 8.0 with Office 365 and Windows 10.

Navisite DaaS continues to offer enhanced, extended capabilities to support accelerated graphics workstations and sensitive data services, ensuring your employees can get access to the desktop environment they need, no matter where they work.

Our managed DaaS ensures our clients get:

  • Flexible Management – Navisite’s experts can manage the complete DaaS solution, or just the DaaS infrastructure, while clients manage their virtual desktops from a central interface.
  • Powerful Technology – Navisite DaaS leverages VMware's latest desktop virtualization Horizon 8.0 technology, along with industry-leading NVIDIA GPUs.
  • Advanced Desktops – Dedicated virtual desktops that function like traditional desktops, and dynamic shared desktops that reset to a default template between logins.
  • Enhanced Mobility – Virtual desktops can be connected to from almost any Web-enabled device, from any location with Internet access.
  • Robust Security – Enables enforcement of uniform security policies across user devices, with data stored in enterprise-grade data centers that support HIPAA standards.
  • Optimized Cost – Virtual desktops can be provisioned without purchasing hardware or the expense of training or hiring new IT specialists.

With Navisite Managed DaaS, you’ll benefit from managed service and support from a dedicated team of virtualization experts to handle critical facets of your desktop ecosystems, providing you highly-available administrators and end-user support.

Navisite goes beyond the average DaaS

Navisite is singularly focused on delivering a powerful client experience for your end-users, by leveraging the latest technologies and combining that with the highest level of flexibility through options to suit your varied business needs.

We go beyond standard DaaS, to ensure:

  • Enhanced Client Experience – Navisite already integrates technologies such as Active Directory and MFA, but now also blends Identity-as-a-Service with DaaS. This ensures users can benefit from MFA, while adding SSO, a function that is becoming increasingly important not only for security, but for also for improved user experience.
  • Integration with Windows 10 – Window 10 is the first operating system designed for cloud. This operating system complements Managed DaaS with its built-in security controls designed to protect people, data, and devices.
  • Workspace in the Cloud – Complete your end-user cloud experience with Managed Desktop and Managed Office 365. Navisite provides the ability to select your Office 365 plan, and integrate this with your DaaS solution.

Curious how you might build your ideal DaaS environment? It’s a simple five-step process:

  • Step 1Select Your Desktop – Choose one of our pre-defined levels of Navisite DaaS, or create custom desktops as needed.
  • Step 2Select Your Licensing – Bring your own license (BYOL) or utilize a Navisite-supplied OS (Windows 10, Windows Server 2012 or 2016).
  • Step 3Select Your Storage – Choose from base storage, or file server plus storage.
  • Step 4Select Add-Ons – Choose from any of our features: Sensitive Data Services, Antivirus, Log Management, Web Content Filtering, Microsoft patches/updates.
  • Step 5Select Office 365 - Choose from Business Essentials, Enterprise E1 or E3.

Interested in more information on what Navisite DaaS can do for you? Check out our new Managed DaaS Pricing and Configuration Service Brief here.

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