Managed Application and Middleware Server

Navisite’s Application/Middleware Server Management Services can support implementation, configuration, monitoring, maintenance, upgrading, patching and more for application/middleware servers hosted within Navisite data centres. Navisite supports several current application server product releases including WebSphere, WebSphere Portal, Tomcat, Jboss and Weblogic. Select legacy application server product releases may also be supported on a case-by-case basis, or alternatively, Navisite can assist clients with migrating to current application server releases on a time and materials basis.

Support for Multiple Server Infrastructures

Based on intended client use, availability and recovery requirements, Navisite will recommend setting-up your application/middleware server infrastructure as either a standalone or clustered server infrastructure. Navisite may also suggest adding-on a passive disaster recover (DR) system to enhance redundancy.

  • Standalone Server Infrastructure - A single, independent server, often used when high availability and redundancy is not required, such as in support of low risk, non-production apps. This infrastructure has a single point of failure and the longest potential recovery time. Adding-on a passive DR system provides a minimal level of redundancy.
  • Clustered Server Infrastructure - At least two, physically separate servers act either in an active/active or active/passive scenario in this highly available environment, which supports enhanced load sharing and a fast potential recovery time. Adding a standalone, passive DR system enables the highest availability possible and helps support a nearly instant recovery.

Three Versatile Service Packages

For both standalone and clustered server infrastructures, Navisite offers three Application/Middleware Server Management packages: Basic, Classic and Premium. Highlights of these packages include:

  • Basic - Best for clients with small user bases who require minimal support delivered Monday through Friday during business hours.
  • Classic - Best for clients with mid-size user bases who require 24-hour support delivered Monday through Friday. Provides support for more incidents per month than the Basic package, infrastructure management and advanced monitoring. Also, the lowest package in which support for vendor applications is included.
  • Premium - Best for clients with large user bases who require 24x7 support. Provides supports for unlimited incidents, enhanced infrastructure management, advanced monitoring and web analytics. Also, provides a yearly DR test, release upgrade support and performance tuning, alongside case-by-case problem management. 

Server Updates, Patches and Backups

For all package levels, Navisite will regularly schedule upgrades as new, stable releases become available. Except in emergency situations, upgrades will be made after at least two weeks’ notice and scheduled for a mutually agreeable time. At all package levels, Navisite also provides full server backups and restores. 

Add-On Professional Services

If clients require services outside of their regular package, Navisite can provide add-on Application/Middleware Server Expertise Services on a case-by-case basis. Common add-on services requested include: server tuning, server version upgrades, OS changes, server migrations and implementations of custom monitoring or maintenance procedures.