Application Modernisation Services 

With the acceleration of the move of on-premises data centers to the cloud, coupled with the need to innovate digitally to compete in today’s business world, many organisations with legacy applications are finding themselves hard-pressed to not be left behind, while facing increased costs operate those data solutions in their on-premises environments.

Because those applications usually can’t just be simply shifted to the cloud, given the ways that applications run in an on-prem ecosystem is often distinctly different from cloud-native methods, organisations must grapple with the decision on how best to modernise them – do they refactor or replatform them?

As if that wasn’t enough, they have to assess whether they have the bandwidth and right expertise to make their apps cloud-ready. Too often they don’t, or it just doesn’t make business sense to expend the effort – that’s where Navisite comes in.

Navisite’s Application Transformation Services offer you the means to accelerate your process of getting your legacy apps ready for use in the cloud. Our expert team will help you understand the process for migrating your applications across the various cloud technologies and environments, then transform them into cloud-friendly versions that deliver a digital-ready environment that will excite your users. Your applications will become fully-accessbile across devices and channels, and aligned with your business priorities and goals for delivery.

Benefits of Navisite’s Application Transformation Services:

  • Improve your application portfolio, while driving operational efficiencies
  • Reduce the entry cost threshold in migrating to the cloud
  • Modernise your legacy computing environment
  • Eliminate location and platform-specific dependencies
  • Improve efficiency through reduction of the number of systems
  • Increase your application flexibility and availability

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