Zerto Replication and DR

Zerto replication

For organisations’ most critical Tier 1 applications and infrastructure that they need to protect in their disaster recovery strategy, Navisite’s Managed DRaaS services leverage Zerto’s powerful replication software in the plans we helps clients design for their unique environments.

This ensures that if you do ever experience a downtime event, Navisite’s Managed DRaaS will have you back up and running quickly, thanks to Zerto’s industry-leading, shortest Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) possible and simple operation, so you can minimise the impact on your operations.

Using Zerto in your DR plan means failover can be tested, and your organisation’s data is protected ahead of a disaster, without impacting your most vital production environments – and without the hassles and limitations of other DR approaches, including spending gobs of money on SANs you’ll likely never get the full ROI for. Gone are the days where a disaster causes you hours, days, or worse weeks of lost time and revenue.

Whether the risk comes from a human error in running your key applications, an application failure, or the burgeoning risk that malware and other threat incursions represent to your data and applications, Navisite’s Managed DRaaS with Zerto helps ensure your applications can be spun back up at moment’s notice. And your data is fully-secured, with VPN connectivity from your data center, to Navisite’s VMware Cloud as your replication target.

Zertos provides:

  • The lowest RPOs possible
  • Simplified testing in isolation
  • Supports replication from Hyper-V and vSphere environments
  • Mature, stable and reiliable product for diverse DR needs
Zerto properties table

Don’t put your essential applications and infrastructure at risk. Contact Navisite today to learn how we can help your organisation build a DR plan that ensures maximum coverage for your most critical applications, or call us directly at 0800 6122933 for more information.