Fitting Unique, Legacy Systems into a Cloud Migration Strategy

Legacy compute environments are rarely ideal—especially in the case of mature organisations. Despite best efforts to standardise hardware and applications, growth through acquisitions and even just one-off technology purchases to address specific needs, can leave companies with business-critical servers or software packages that require specialised knowledge to support.

When organisations begin to plan a transition to the Cloud, even if the majority of their workloads can be virtualized, these one-off systems can stall the migration. A failure to address all systems in a migration strategy may even lead to the false belief that a virtualized infrastructure is simply not viable.

Leveraging a Hybrid Approach

Navisite clients can couple Colocation services, which provide physical space, power, security and connectivity in an enterprise-class data centre, with NaviCloud Self-Service Cloud or Managed Cloud services. In this way, clients can virtualize the majority of their workloads, while still maintaining close control over their unique legacy systems. In many cases, client-managed equipment can even be located in the same data centre location as a client’s cloud systems to minimise application latency.

Add-on Smart Hands Services

Smart Hands services help Colocation clients avoid having to dispatch their own IT staff to data centre locations by providing on-site technicians who can act as the eyes and hands of the client for select tasks. Smart Hands services are available for both scheduled and emergency support, and may either be prepaid in hourly blocks, or billed monthly on a time and materials basis.

A Closer Look at NaviCloud

Navisite has been offering Cloud Infrastructure Services since 2010, when it first launched NaviCloud Managed Cloud services. With the introduction of NaviCloud Self-Service Cloud services in 2013, Navisite is now even more capable of working with enterprises to meet complex virtualized infrastructure needs. NaviCloud Services are available via Navisite’s self-service web portal or administered by our in-house experts.

Augmented Support via Managed Hosting Services

NaviCloud clients can elect to add Managed Hosting Services on top of their cloud services to support improved availability and performance, while freeing their local IT staffs to focus on more strategic objectives. Key Managed Hosting services include…

Cloud Onboarding and Migration

To better enable clients to migrate their legacy environments to NaviCloud with ease, Navisite offers Cloud Onboarding and Migration services.

  • Self-Service Onboarding- Self-service resources and tutorials built-in to NaviCloud at no additional cost.
  • Guided Cloud Onboarding- Navisite provides a custom migration plan and curated resources, and then the client executes their migration. Includes check-ins with Navisite experts.
  • Managed Cloud Migration- Leverages a Navisite partner to plan, and then execute a client’s complete migration to the Cloud.

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