Managed Network

Like your data and applications, the network aspects of your IT environment are one of the most critical foundational elements your business depends on in its day-to-day operations, and not infrequently one of the most challenging and requiring significant daily oversight. It’s also one of the areas that organisations struggle the most to do correctly.

With 20+ years of data center management experience under our belts, Navisite can help you by designing, managing and optimising the myriad facets of your network ecosystem, so that it sufficiently supports your unique and growing operational needs, whether on-site, or cloud-based.

Our network architects will analyse your current environment, assess the areas of challenge you may have that can be improved on, and recommend the solutions needed to ensure you have a well-managed and fully-operational environment. Navisite can also help you optimize your network as your company grows.

Features of Navisite’s Managed Network:

  • Provision and deploy infrastructure and devices that support your network, including switches, routers and access points
  • Configuration of port, network protocols, LANs/VLANs/WANs and VPN’s
  • Software installation, upgrades and support
  • Monitoring and optimising network traffic and device access across your network environment, including LAN/WAN setup and management, policy-based routing and configuration services
  • Secure and monitor the network ecosystem by implementing facets like web application and other firewalls, detecting and responding to threat incursions, establishing access privileges based on user identity levels
  • Custom configurations
  • Change management
  • Round-the-clock oversight and management, backed by our industry-leading 99.999% uptime guarantee and 15-minute response time for critical issues
  • Integration with Navisite’s full portfolio of solutions and services
  • Complete visibility into your network ecosystem though our Proximity portal

Benefits of Navisite’s Managed Network Services:

  • Lower your cost outlays and have greater predictability to future costs, including staffing levels and expertise to monitor and manage your network
  • Ensure greater access, control and collaboration of your users, including for mobile team members
  • Faster response times
  • Mitigate risk/threat incursions, while maintaining optimum security and compliance with governmental regulations
  • Facilitate overburdened IT teams spending valuable time on objective that drive revenue and business success
  • Centralize operations and oversight
  • Expand business operations more easily as your organisations grows

Touch base today to learn more about our Managed Network Services, or call us directly at 0800 6122933 for more information.