Azure Cloud Security

Cloud security services begin with infrastructure.

With the burgeoning, accelerating movement of on-premises applications, data and infrastructure to the cloud, coupled with the rapidly-changing threatscape, cloud security is paramount.

Cloud computing offers significant strategic and cost benefits, including enhanced scalability, more efficient use of resources, and the opportunity to offload infrastructure and processes, so that organizations can focus on their core competencies.

The previous security concerns over cloud deployments have been eclipsed by data demonstrating that cloud providers readily offer more secure resources than on-premises data centers typically maintain.

One of the major keys to cloud security is selecting a cloud infrastructure provider with strong security services and procedures. When evaluating cloud security vendors, choosing a provider that offers world-class data centers, an enterprise-grade cloud computing infrastructure, application experts and a proven security methodology can help you reap the financial and operational rewards of cloud computing while securing your organization more effectively.

For a growing number of organizations around the world, Navisite is the cloud security services provider of choice. As an Azure Expert MSP and VMware cloud provider, we leverage the latest in solutions to secure our clients critical applications and infrastructure in the cloud.

Navisite Azure Cloud Security Services

Navisite’s security experts can help you plan and provision your Azure cloud, to optimize the powerful built-in security functions of Azure, monitor and manage your services through our Proximity management portal, and also explore if your environments may require additional levels of monitoring and remediation.

In addition to cloud security services for infrastructure, Navisite offers managed cloud security services that are fully monitored 24/7/365 and can integrate seamlessly into the broader Azure cloud, multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud, as well as on-premises environments.

Navisite tailors managed cloud security services to meet the unique security and compliance needs of each organization. Most Security-as-a-Service cloud offerings can be implemented without capital investment and provide a predictable pay-as-you-go cost structure, eliminating the unexpected burdens and expenses that come with managing staff and technology.

Managed cloud security services include:

  • Network Intrusion Detection and Prevention
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Real-Time Log Flow Analysis
  • Log Manager
  • Web Application Security

Contact us today to learn more about Navisite’s Azure cloud security services, or call us directly at 0800 6122933 for more detail.