Application Modernisation 

The pace of cloud adoption is rapidly accelerating, and with Gartner’s prediction that 80% of onsite data centers will be closed by 2025, that pace is only likely to increase. Still, many organisations have a host of applications that aren’t cloud ready, and readying those applications to to be suitable for implementation in the cloud is time consuming, even downright painful.

Savvy organisations are realizing that having their DevOps staff spending time developing and managing the most cutting-edge applications, rather than wrangling legacy apps to be ready for the cloud. As an Azure Expert MSP and VMware Showcase Partner, with 17+ years experience in both ecosystems, and hundreds of cloud migrations completed, Navisite’s Professional Servcies team knows what it takes to help organizations get their critical legacy applications ready to make the leap to the cloud.

Navisite can help your IT team thoroughly understand its legacy application landscape, how to ready those apps for modern data platforms, optimise and migrate them to your desired cloud platform, and then ensure they’re deployed and ready with latest features.

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