Cloud Readiness Assessment and Planning

Much like the carpentry maxim of “measure twice and cut once”, comprehensive planning of your cloud migration will save you considerable headaches, and reduce the chance that any aspect of the process failing will cost your organization critical time or budget. As an Azure Expert MSP and VMware Showcase Partner, Navisite has the knowledge to make sure you’re ready to make the jump to the cloud.

Navisite’s Professional Services team will conduct a thorough assessment of your current application and infrastructure environment, so that you have full visibility to the web of interdepencies you have to consider in your cloud migration. We’ll ensure that all stakeholder considerations are understood and factored into the the process, and map out a detailed strategy for how your journey will play out.

If you’re looking to ensure a successful assessment and plan is designed for your cloud migration, engage us today, or call us at 0800 6122933.