VMware Cloud Security

While cloud deployments now typically provide higher levels of security than on-premises data centers are able to maintain – particularly when deployed on Navisite’s VMware Cloud platform – diligence is still required at a levels to ensure that any of the inevitable breaches that will occur, are quickly mitigated and remediated.

As a Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) member, Navisite extends the optimum security postures we learn about and develop to the clients provisioned on our VMware Cloud, through one of our seven enterprise-grade data centers in the US and UK.

With thousands of workloads under management, Navisite implements full-stack security protocols across each VMware Cloud we build for clients, ensuring that risk associated with the ever-evolving threat landscape is mitigated through promotion of real-time hygiene, offering the highest levels of assurance, spanning the areas of:

Managed Detection and Response

Managed detection and response (MDR) is the foundational aspect of security services. Navisite integrates this critical component across all levels of our VMware Cloud environments, with logging and analytics at the core of 24/7 monitoring, detection and remediation capabilities, to help clients stay ahead of attacks. Expert analysts sift through terabytes of data to spot the tactics that threat actors use to penetrate security measures, and ensure clients’ workloads remain safe from being compromised.

Identity as the Control Plane

With phishing and malware incursions at the fore of attempts to penetrate organizations’ IT environments, Navisite remains vigilant to ensure that our VMware Cloud clients have the means to ensure that only valid users have access to their cloud applications and infrastructure. We utilize multiple layers of best-of-breed identity and access management solutions, including single sign-on (SSO) and multi-factor authentication (MFA), to make sure only your authorized users may work with your critical systems.

Compliance Services

As greater compliance requirements are being implemented that IT organizations must comply with, Navisite continues to offers services that aid our clients in meeting those expectations, through support for HIPAA, PCI-DSS, GDPR and more. We’ve enhanced our IT stack to ensure our posture meets these requirements, by obtaining SOC1, SOC2 and ISO 27001 (UK) accreditation and certification.

Vulnerability and Risk Management

Navisite’s VMware Security provides insight into your security hygiene and compliance standing, to find and mitigate risks before attackers can find and exploit them, and create major problems in your cloud deployments.

Ongoing Assessment and Scoring Services

Coupled with our vulnerability and risk management services, Navisite’s VMware Security layers on feedback loops and helps our clients develop repeatable process, to help you understand where you are in your security posture, diminish and manage risk, and build in security improvements over time, through peer benchmarking and trend analysis.

Contact us today to learn more about maximizing the security of your Navisite VMware Cloud, or call us at 0800 6122933 for additional information.