VMware Private Cloud

For organizations wanting leverage the benefits of building a private cloud, without the hassles of doing that heavy lifting completely on their own, Navisite’s VMware Private Cloud offers organizations an enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure, with the ability to choose between self-managing the deployment, or shifting the day-to-day management and maintenance to our VMware experts.

Fully-Managed VMware Cloud

If you’re not ready to explore the public cloud for deployment of your applications and infrastructure, but want to take full advantage of the benefits of the cloud to shift your cost centers from on-premises data center environments, and offload the daily management, Navisite’s fully-managed VMware private cloud can provide a wealth of resources.

Navisite is a VMware Showcase Partner with 17+ years helping clients deploy secure VMware environments, and hundreds of clients provisioned in private clouds in one of our seven data centers.

Navisite’s Fully-Managed VMware Cloud ensures your organization can:

Reprioritize your IT team to focus on more critical strategic goals, by letting Navisite assume the burdens of daily maintenance and management.
Leverage our flexible network architectures to optimize application configurations.
Use Navisite’s pay-as-you-go model to drive down CapEx costs.

Self-Managed VMware Cloud

Harness the full power of one of Navisite’s six secure, enterprise-grade data centers in the US or the UK to quickly launch and scale new cloud environments. Whether you need our cloud for short-term projects or new dev/test environments, you can build and control your private VMware clouds either through our Proximity client portal or through vCloud Director, and you can add additional system integrations as needed through VMware APIs.

Interested in exploring the power of your own VMware Private Cloud, as means to reduce on-prem data center costs?

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