Oracle Demantra Management

In today’s dynamic supply chain environment, most companies face constant challenges tied to shortening product lifecycles, lengthening lead times and fluid market demands. While Oracle’s Demantra applications can aid in the development of demand forecasts and help streamline operational planning cycles, launching and maintaining the solution in-house can be difficult.

The up-front capital expenditure (CapEx) often required to enable Demantra, coupled with the cost of hiring IT staff to maintain the solution, can quickly strain IT budgets. Moreover, to ensure Demantra’s security and availability, IT teams must regularly apply upgrades and patches in addition to supporting the solution’s underlying service infrastructure.

The Importance of Demantra Maintenance

Faced with conflicting priorities, IT teams may overlook Demantra maintenance, possibly creating vulnerabilities. Updating Demantra after a period of neglect often requires downtime, while every missed update is installed sequentially. Periodically, Demantra service packs enable new functionality. When IT teams fail to implement these packs, they leave organizations leveraging an unnecessarily limited solution, potentially damaging competitiveness and productivity.

Dependable Application Management

As an Oracle Platinum Partner, Navisite’s Managed Application Services (MAS) can help organizations leverage Oracle’s Demantra apps for a predictable monthly cost. Trusting app management to Navisite’s experts can help relieve the burden on in-house IT staffs, allowing them to focus on innovation and growth objectives. Navisite MAS is designed to support:

  • Decreased total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Augmented visibility and analytical capabilities
  • Enterprise-class service guarantees
  • Mitigated system downtime
  • Reduced up-front, CapEx

Robust Service Inclusions

Navisite provides routine Demantra maintenance, including patching, service pack installation and upgrade implementation. We manage all elements of the service delivery infrastructure, including networks, databases, servers, operating systems and interfaces to complementary applications. On a case-by-case basis, Navisite can also work with clients to create custom reports, forecasts and data queries.

Time-Tested Guarantees

With hundreds of MAS projects under our belt, Navisite has proven its ability to lead clients from onboarding to implementation and beyond successfully. We offer robust guarantees covering continuous application availability, performance and response and resolution. Navisite also employs a compliance-driven approach based on:

  • Comprehensive change-management and production control
  • Documented policies and contractual guarantees
  • Third-party audits and client transparency
  • Full lifecycle management
  • Strict security standards

Diverse Expertise

Navisite’s client-focused Client Managers and Technical Client Managers will learn your business requirements and goals. Whether you need a standard solution harnessing the power of our NaviCloud® platform or a custom environment, we offer complete application hosting. We can work with clients individually to help overcome even complex IT obstacles.


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