Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS)

Navisite's Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution, takes cost and complexity out of deploying and managing virtual desktops. Navisite’s family of DaaS solutions leverages Navisite’s innovative NaviCloud® platform, engineered around usability, efficiency and scalability; all with an eye on preparing enterprises for the future, rather than adapting to the present.

Navisite’s DaaS solutions offer IT an easily deployable alternative to the traditional corporate desktop environment by providing an enterprise-class virtual desktop experience in the Cloud, which can be accessed via any endpoint device – laptops, desktops, mobile phones, tablets, thin- and zero-clients – from any web-connected location; all without the upfront cost and complexity of traditional desktop computing.

Whether seeking a seamless desktop replacement or securely provisioning applications, Navisite DaaS services address each facet of workspace technology asset management. With Desktops and its full desktop experience in the Cloud to Sessions and its flexible application delivery – and everything in between – Navisite empowers Internal IT with the resources it needs to streamline operations and to enhance its influence across the organization.

Key Benefits

By extending desktop administration, maintenance and support into the Cloud, organizations can more-effectively espouse influence and insight on endpoint devices. NaviCloud DaaS presents notable benefits to enterprises, to IT teams tasked with desktop management and to end-users who require reliable, untethered access to critical applications and desktop resources.

Benefits to the Enterprise

  • Financial Resiliency: Avoid needless increases in CapEx, shifting desktop administration and technology resource management to an OpEx model. Navisite’s cloud-based virtual desktop solution ensures that companies only pay for what they use, while avoiding costly over-provisioning.
  • Asset-Security: Because data and resources are centralized within secure Tier 3 data centres rather than potentially at-risk end-user devices, digital assets benefit from improved security and resilience competencies. Additionally, organizations can more readily work toward compliance standards and centralized security management, enforcing policies and providing Internal IT with the capacity to manage users’ resources and permissions either en masse or on an individualized basis.

Benefits to IT

  • Resource Flexibility: Enable Internal IT to easily provision resources as the company grows; technology assets for existing employees, new hires, termed contractors or shared terminals can all be activated or withdrawn without increased time commitment or direct access to the endpoint device.
  • Service Reliability: Leveraging Navisite’s NaviCloud® platform, NaviCloud DaaS translates the benefits of cloud computing to end-user desktops and applications. Enterprise technology assets benefit from built-in disaster recovery and resiliency of compute resources, with no increased effort or expense.
  • Controlled Provisioning: IT administrators can mitigate the potential for over-provisioning desktop and application resources, and can more-effectively enable end-users with the most relevant digital assets for them to perform at peak levels. IT teams can control everything from file and drive access or peripheral permissions to application availability or command and function capabilities.

Benefits to End-users

  • End-user Productivity: Allow users a complete Windows desktop experience or solely access to critical applications, from virtually any device – laptops, desktops, mobile phones, tablets, thin- and zero-clients. This means no learning curve and no impediment to operations.
  • Resource Accessibility: NaviCloud DaaS enables Internal IT to easily provision access to desktop applications, databases, collaboration tools, and infrastructure elements without access to end-users’ physical machines. This means rapid deployment of business-critical resources in the field, in the office, or at client sites.