Productivity Solutions For a Virtualized Workforce

Modern organizations can often be characterized by a distinctly mobile and distributed workforce. With end-users operating from the office, client sites, on the road and on vacation, businesses are taking steps to secure data and resources while supporting accessibility from an array of endpoint devices. 

For many, virtualizing end-user desktops and applications is the first step to increasing resource availability without relinquishing IT teams’ control. Often, this comes in the form of implementing a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solution, operating critical desktop resources in an on-premise facility, often managed by internal IT teams.

While this method can accomplish virtualization readily, it comes at the cost of up-front CapEx for infrastructure and associated commitment from IT staff. When the discussion gets around to productivity applications, more challenges for licensing, version control, and provisioning quickly surface. 

The Role of Desktop-as-a-Service

Many modern organizations are benefiting from the diverse capabilities of cloud desktop virtualization services. By placing desktop infrastructures and application resources in secure data centres, businesses can deliver enhanced resiliency and availability of critical tools, shifting the burden of infrastructure management away from internal teams. 

Leveraging the flexibility and self-service tools of our NaviCloud® platform, Navisite’s DaaS solutions provide IT staffs with the ability to add new users quickly and easily, without regard to the endpoint device; all accomplished without increased CapEx and delivered in a predictable OpEx cost structure.

Productivity Tools for a Virtualized Workforce

Inevitably, organizations virtualizing desktop resources must strategize a means to enable the workforce with the applications they require to be productive, such as those included in Microsoft’s Office suite. Navisite works to simplify the process with its Managed Office 365 Productivity Suite, powered by Microsoft®. 

This portfolio delivers some of the most powerful and familiar office tools, via the Cloud, with committed end-user and administrative support from dedicated, expert Navisite staff. Navisite’s teams work to ensure rapid alert of issues with customized, real-time health check monitoring, and expedient response for resolution. This white-glove service restores the insight into the application environment and performance which otherwise can be lost with more-traditional hosted services.

Benefits of NaviCloud® DaaS

  • Device-agnostic delivery of desktop and application resources to support mobile workforce and BYOD initiatives
  • Rapidly provision or decommission users without access to endpoint device
  • Full Windows desktop experience, skinned server or application delivery
  • Advanced high-resolution graphics options with NVIDIA GPUs for graphics-intensive applications and imagery

Benefits of Managed Office 365

  • Resilient, highly available cloud delivery
  • 24/7 support from dedicated experts with commitments to rapid response time
  • Familiar Office tools on virtually any device, with centralized admin controls
  • Seamless collaboration capabilities with effective document version control 

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