SQL Server Database Management

Database technologies are an essential component of IT infrastructures. They often store large amounts of sensitive data, such as client information. Unfortunately, many companies find it difficult to stay current on database security using in-house resources alone, and consequently cannot defend their database infrastructures against increasingly sophisticated attacks.
When an organization falls behind on Microsoft SQL Server database maintenance, a number of detrimental scenarios can occur. Databases may undergo unauthorized changes by unapproved users. Database backups can be stolen. Viruses can even inflict damage on business-critical database servers. 

Flexible Service Levels
Database support requirements generally differ between businesses. Based on your intended use and objectives, Navisite can help you determine the level of support best suited for your organization. Navisite offers three SQL Server database support levels:

  • Simple - For clients who require basic monitoring and management for nonproduction instances, with no database refresh requirements. Includes one, weekly maintenance window.
  • Standalone - For clients seeking full database management services for single node production or nonproduction instances.
  • Clustered - For enterprises seeking a complete solution for full database management of clustered production or nonproduction instances.  Additional nodes can also be supported.

Common SQL Server Database Security Concerns
When SQL Server databases are not carefully monitored and maintained, vulnerabilities can lead to a range of security concerns. Some common SQL Server database security issues include: 

  • Computer Virus Attack- Microsoft frequently releases security updates and patches. Failure to keep current with patches, hotfixes and updates can make your SQL Server databases susceptible to risk. 
  • Common TCP/IP Port Hacks- Many hackers target common TCIP\IP ports, such as 1433 and 1432.  Failure to change from standard TCP/IP ports can put your SQL Server databases at risk.
  • Undetected Intrusions- Microsoft provides tools to help monitor SQL Server intrusions, but these are only effective if configured and used actively.  
  • Stolen Database Backups- Database backups can be stolen as a result of weak network security or physical data centre security. Navisite’s SQL Server database management services virtually eliminate these concerns.

Custom Database Management Projects 
During the course of business, database management tasks sometimes arise that are beyond the scope of the solutions outlined above. Navisite can work with you to develop custom project plans, detailing the terms for completing tasks that would otherwise fall outside of your service level. A la carte database management services we regularly provide include disaster recovery assistance, database upgrade completion, SQL server tuning and audit and compliance reporting.


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