VMware Replication with NaviCloud Cloud Services

Most organizations leveraging a VMware environment understand the importance of having a backup site for virtual machines (VMs) to support business resiliency. Beyond the need to be better prepared for relatively rare situations, such as natural disasters, backup sites help provide protection from more common events, such as server and other hardware failures as well as user error.

When building a secondary site, which will hopefully never need to be used, upfront and operational costs can be stalling. Common replication tools alone often require like-for-like storage hardware, resulting in sizable hardware expenses. Moreover, complex environments typically contain diverse apps that call for faster or slower replication point objectives (RPOs), often making a single replication solution either too fast or too slow for some apps.

NaviCloud VMware Replication

Through an optional, add-on service, the NaviCloud platform can enable users to replicate VMs and groups of VMs between locations in support of a BCDR strategy. To help ensure underlying applications behave as expected, test failovers can also be performed without impacting production.

Replication with NaviCloud Managed Cloud

Navisite’s experts can manage the replication of a Managed Cloud client’s VM, or group of VMs, between cloud nodes. During Replication Services set-up, Navisite works with clients to group VMs that should be replicated, migrated or tested together into Virtual Protection Groups (VPGs), as well as to set an RPO.

Replication with NaviCloud Self-Service Cloud

Self-Service Cloud users can replicate VMs and Virtual Applications (vApps) from one location to another via a simple online interface, which works with most VMware versions. Clients can choose to protect individual vApps, or collections of vApps, and set desired RPOs with compliance requirement warning messages displayed by default. Should a disaster occur, backups can be set to replicate back to a client site automatically to support a faster return to production.

Navisite NaviCloud Self-Service Cloud VMware Replication

Complementary Uses for Self-Service Cloud

Beyond VMware replication, Self-Service Cloud can be used to migrate VMs to the Navisite public cloud, making space in the private cloud for sensitive workloads. Production workloads can also be activated in the public cloud for development and QA purposes without impacting production. VMs running on the public cloud can even be replicated back to the private cloud to enable the use of hardware not yet amortized.


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