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As a key player in cloud computing and IT industries, Navisite frequently garners press attention when launching new products, beginning new partnerships or for its position as a thought-leader. Recent news articles in which Navisite is featured are included here. 

Enterprise IT: From Supporting to Leading the Business

Dec 1, 2016   Source:

Companies have always relied on technology to innovate and improve productivity, but over the last few years, there has been an explosion of technologies such as mobile, social media, big data and, of course, cloud computing which are creating huge new opportunities – and threats – for most enterprises. In this article, the author discusses what we can expect from this evolution of digital technology.

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Glenfield selects NaviSite for migration and management of Microsoft Office 365

Nov 22, 2016   Source: DIGITALSATION WORLD

Professional services consultancy, Glenfield Business Solutions, has selected Navisite as its managed Microsoft Office 365® provider to help implement the cloud-based business application both internally and to four of its customers. Navisite was selected due to its leading support services for managed applications and proven track record as a longstanding Microsoft® partner of 15 years.

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SaaS: Transforming the ISV business model

Nov 1, 2016   Source: Storage Networking Solutions

Thanks to the way cloud has reduced the cost of infrastructure, access to computing resources has been democratised. Along with the fact that network access is now high-speed, low-cost and almost ubiquitous, cloud provides a perfect platform for the development and scalable delivery of applications. The ISV community has been quick to take advantage of the benefits presented by the use of a SaaS business model.

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Viadex partners with Navisite to fuel worldwide growth

Jun 28, 2016   Source: RealWire

 Navisite Europe Limited announced today that Viadex, the global IT infrastructure specialist, has joined the ranks of its growing European Partner Programme. Viadex has partnered with Navisite to deploy its NaviCloud platform and colocation services to deliver hybrid cloud solutions as part of its value added offerings.

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Hybrid management for hybrid clouds

Jun 14, 2016   Source: Outsource Magazine

The hybrid cloud model is here to stay for the foreseeable future. While a full public cloud infrastructure has worked well for some pure-play digital companies such as Netflix, most enterprises are finding that in spite of the benefit, not all workloads should move to the cloud. In fact, not all workloads can.

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