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As a key player in cloud computing and IT industries, Navisite frequently garners press attention when launching new products, beginning new partnerships or for its position as a thought-leader. Recent news articles in which Navisite is featured are included here. 

Securing Mobile Devices in the Enterprise

Jul 20, 2015   Source: Bobs Guide

Mobile technologies have forever changed how we work and do business. From the introduction of laptops to the growth of smart phones and tablets in the corporate space, mobile devices are helping increase the productivity and flexibility of employees, and businesses are continuously looking for ways to leverage the benefits that this technology can provide.  

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Top Tips: How to build a cloud security plan to safeguard retailer client data

Jul 1, 2015   Source: IDG Connect

The recent flood of headline-making retail security breaches has put retailers on alert. With so much at stake – compromised client information, a weakened brand image and millions in lost revenue – retailers must ensure they are thinking about security comprehensively and implementing the right technologies to better protect their clients and the associated data.

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How EU legislation impacts data processing in the cloud

Jun 18, 2015   Source: Cloud Tech

Last week, the European Union agreed on proposed Data Protection Regulations that potentially impact all organisations that either use or process the personal data of EU citizens. There will now be further consultations before these become statute, but for the first time these will be regulations, rather than directives; which mean that individual EU member states will have little room for interpretation in how they are applied. 

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99 problems but the cloud ain’t one: Why Hybrid Cloud?

May 21, 2015   Source: IT ProPortal

When cloud technology started to gain traction with businesses the main concerns expressed were over data security and control. Clients questioned what compromises they would have to make with their on-premise infrastructure to reap the benefits of cloud computing.


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