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As a key player in cloud computing and IT industries, Navisite frequently garners press attention when launching new products, beginning new partnerships or for its position as a thought-leader. Recent news articles in which Navisite is featured are included here. 

Best practices for IT working on Cloud Nine

Mar 6, 2015   Source: eCampusnews

There are many grim realities facing CIOs and IT department heads at colleges and universities—but when confronted with these modern-day problems, many savvy leaders are positioning their campuses on Cloud Nine.

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The Cloud in 2015: 4 things you need to prepare for

Jan 27, 2015   Source: IT ProPortal

Even with ‘The Internet of Things’ slated to be the buzzword of 2015, cloud computing will continue to remain firmly in the minds of IT departments. Therefore, I thought I thought I’d share my four big cloud trends to expect this year.


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How to take advantage of the Internet of Things

Jan 8, 2015   Source: IT ProPortal

With so many pundits, commentators and experts rushing in to say “Hey guys the Internet of Things is going to be a really big thing” I thought it’d be fitting if I had a quick chat  with Sean McAvan, managing director of Navisite Europe, all about the Internet of Things (IoT)

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Top Ten Cloud Storage - Tips & Tricks

Jan 1, 2015   Source: Data Centre Solutions Magazine

Moving your stored data to the cloud has many benefits. For example, traditional data storage systems have limits on capacity, while the cloud offers unprecedented scalability. 

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Value Add in the Data Centre

Jan 1, 2015   Source: Comms Business

Data centres face many challenges – not least of which is how to differentiate themselves in the market and appear as being user friendly to the channel. Or is that how they should differentiate themselves? 

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Why mobility is so important and how-to produce an effective BYOD policy

Dec 12, 2014   Source: IT ProPortal

A recent study found that 94 per cent of businesses considered mobility a “concern” yet only 32 per cent had any form of BYOD (bring your own device) policy in place. I spoke to Sean McAvan, managing director of Navisite Europe to understand this disparity in results and to find out how businesses should develop the BYOD policy that’s right for them.


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Cloud, BYOD tech adoption hindered by lack of IT skills, survey suggests

Dec 12, 2014   Source: Business Cloud News

IT professionals are keen on adopting cloud-based technologies for mission-critical apps, and supporting bring your own device policies within their organisations, but recently published research suggests not having the rights in-house to migrate to or roll these new technologies out is a big inhibitor.

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