Service and Delivery

Throughout Navisite’s decades-long history of hosted, managed, and cloud services, clients have benefitted from access to a powerful team of technology experts. Our assembly of Account Managers, Client Managers and Technical Client Managers enable Navisite to develop and to support complex solutions, uniquely tailored to target the specific needs of our clients. Navisite stands by, and stands out for, its ability to personalize services to accommodate distinct operations standards and technical requirements, and to work toward client goals for compliance and governance.

Our Approach:

Navisite invokes the ideal that each client deserves world-class service and support. Whether the organization is an independent self-service cloud client or leveraging a fully-managed solution set, Navisite works to ensure critical KPIs and business goals are addressed, seeking to deliver actionable results. While Navisite’s services represent some of the newest and most proven technology solutions for businesses, they are far from standardized, commoditized, boxed services. This enables Navisite clients to fit the services and solutions to their individual business and program needs, minimizing the potential for compromise and concession.

Navisite Offers:

  • A comprehensive suite of managed and self-service solutions to streamline and to modernize organizations across a broad spectrum of industries
  • Powerful solutions architected and implemented around distinct regulatory and compliance standards
  • Dedicated, experienced technology professionals who learn client businesses, and who can provide proactive and timely advisory and remediation services
  • Fast implementation with real-time VM provisioning to accelerate time-to-market
  • Complete management and monitoring of infrastructure elements, in real-time, leveraging the NaviCloud® self-service portal